Firefox betas how many?

  Muergo 13:41 10 Aug 2011

I am finding Firefox 5 is now sluggish and starting to crash more frequently as was the case with FF4, I notice that there are now five betas for Firefox 6, does this mean that they are still not confident in releasing FF6 as a full upgrade. Has anyone used Firefox6? What about the addons.

  T I M B O 13:43 10 Aug 2011

Yes. No. I don't use addons.

  Muergo 13:57 10 Aug 2011

What? TIMBO you don't use any addons, by that I mean plugins etc as well, as far as I'm concerned, if it wasn't for the extras on FF I would use IE9 all the time, at the moment I flick between the two.

  cocteau48 14:15 10 Aug 2011

"does this mean that they are still not confident in releasing FF6 as a full upgrade." It's not a question of confidence. Beta versions are test versions and Mozilla hope that users will help development by reporting any failings back to them for further development and resolution.

The Beta releases will probably followed by RC (release candidate) versions before the final version is released.

Having said that I have run all beta versions of FF6 (and Aurora which is the pre-beta version of FF7)on my test machine with no problems. With regard to compatibility with add-ons it's very much a case of try it and see.

Do not forget that you can always install a new version of FF into its own folder alongside(and instead of replacing) the existing version. If you do not like it just uninstall again and you're back to status quo.

  Muergo 14:27 10 Aug 2011

Thanks Cocteau, It just puzzles me, not difficult, that they should be working on FF7 when they haven't finalised FF6, I don't normally use betas, I'm happy with RC's but as you say I can run FF6 alongside the FF5 and see if that improves the stability.

It's sort of running to stand still at the moment as I find there are more Adobe and Java to update amongst several others.

Think I shall go on holiday and forget about it all.

  cocteau48 16:06 10 Aug 2011

Instability in FF can be caused by problems within your FF profile rather than FF itself.

Try creating a new profile (do not delete your existing profile). When you open FF you'll get a query box pop up asking which profile you wish to use.

If using the new profile cures your FF instability issues then you know its the profile at fault and therefore trying a new version of FF is not going to help.

  Muergo 16:23 10 Aug 2011

Yes cocteau, I have already done that after trouble with graphics, now I have two profiles so another one can't hurt!! but it's a palaver putting all the add ons on, but they are probably the cause of some problems I suppose.

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