FireFox add-ons

  VCR97 19:54 23 Aug 2011

I downloaded the add-ons and restarted FF. I then noticed that McAfee Site Advisor was missing. I checked the add-on list and saw a message stating that the Site Advisor add-on would be installed when FF was restarted,even though I had just done a restart. I restarted again but I got just the same result. After another restart with no change I tried to cancel the update but nothing happened. I can't cancel the update and the message remains.So I can't install or cancel the update. What now?

  birdface 21:14 23 Aug 2011

Try View.Toolbars.And make sure Site advisor is ticked if on there.

  birdface 21:21 23 Aug 2011

Oops maybe I was thinking of I/E.

Does it say not compatible on it in add ons.

  birdface 21:27 23 Aug 2011

If it says not compatible with Site Advisor.Download and use this tool from Firefox to get it working again.

Sorry tool will not open .Google for this in Firefox. Compatibility-Reporter.0.8.7

  Ex plorer 23:27 23 Aug 2011

Try Tools, Add-Ons, Extension, it may be disabled you can click on it and and try to enable it.

My OS is Vista

  VCR97 19:38 24 Aug 2011

Thanks both.

butemanThere is no Site Advisor toolbar. The only message is that the update will be installed when FF is restarted.

*Ex plorer * Cicking does nothing. Right-clicking gives a menu with everything greyed out except "Cancel install" and "Visit home page".

Everything was OK until I asked for the update. All is OK on my other computer. I'll see if I can get some info from FF support. If I get a solution I'll post it here.

  VCR97 20:25 31 Aug 2011

FF support suggested removing the update download but it couldn't be found. I reinstalled FF following their suggested procedure but that made no difference. I removed all traces of FF and reinstalled again. All now OK.

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