firefox add ons

  mark3986 21:37 26 Dec 2009

hi does anybody know any good add ons for firefox?eg speed it up , more secure etc

  User-1229748 21:53 26 Dec 2009

could try this,read reviews first though as i don't even use firefox click here

  AL47 23:17 26 Dec 2009

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  AL47 23:18 26 Dec 2009


  Bill10 23:29 26 Dec 2009

Adblock Plus!

  gigagiggles 00:13 27 Dec 2009

"eg speed it up , more secure etc"

much like airport security, it is difficult to achieve both at the same time. :-)

there may be addons that will help you surf more efficiently and effectively. but you'll have to know more about your own surfing habits to choose wisely.

security starts with noscript at the top of the list. with adblock plus, you have to notice the offending ad and block it to be effective. some offending ads aren't blockable. therfore, while it works, it "slows" down the surfing experience.

i also use flashblock, betterprivacy and ghostery. with flashblock, flash objects aren't automatically played, using up resources. they stay dormant until or unless you activate them. i'll let you investigate ghostery and betterprivacy on your own.

  theDarkness 00:39 27 Dec 2009

arguably for the paranoid, or those that really just hate java based advertising popping up or appearing on your favourite websites, but for security, you really cant beat the 'No-Script' plugin for Firefox for high level security, which you can get here click here

this stops javascript, java and flash from running on any website you are looking at, unless you give permission. java based code can be used on untrustworthy websites to install unwanted and even malware such as trojans onto your computer, giving very undesirable effects. If a website you trust is not working properly after you install this plugin, simply right click within your browser and highlight No-Script, then click on "allow click here" (as an example). Highlighting No-Script will list all related java and flash items related to the website you are currently browsing. Its usually junk such as "" and "" you do not want to allow. If a website doesnt work (such as trying to view your bank account) or if you wish to view java based advertising on a website you trust (such as on you can always 'temporarily allow' from No-Scripts listed options.

As Bill10 has mentioned, to stop unwanted adverts and pop ups from appearing, you may want to also use Ad-Block Plus, another plugin for Firefox, click here

  theDarkness 00:41 27 Dec 2009

I meant "allow pcadvisor" in my example, not "allow click here" :)

  Halmer 13:05 27 Dec 2009

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