Firefox 5 just downloaded and installed

  Chas49 19:16 21 Jun 2011

Previous browser was Firefox 4

Now, having installled v5 I find that it doesn't load when the icon is clicked - or doesn't appear to be.

Loaded and ran IE8 - when my homepage appeared I clicked on an item and Firebox then fired up. I hve run this several times with the same result. Finally I decided to stick with IE and uninstalled Firefox.

But why would this strange behaviour exist in the first place as I have never had problems with Firefox before - through most of the versions.

  rawprawn 11:13 22 Jun 2011

Apparently you are not the only one having problems, Link

I then tried it and had a similar problem. I have reverted back to FF4.01

  sunnystaines 11:22 22 Jun 2011

same here ff5 ok in windows 7

but will not work in XP clicking on the icon the hour glass goes off after a few seconds and nothing on the screen, task manager shows firefox.exe running but the screen shows no trace of firefox.

several complete uninstalls including all folders and reg entries and fresh downloads no joy.

wondering if they are following ie9 by making it not compatable with xp

  robin_x 11:27 22 Jun 2011

I have stuck with 3.6 for ages. Finally bit the bullet yesterday and went straight for 5.0.

I could not get all add-ons working, even with compatibility checker off, and some other small issues. So I went for 4.0.1 instead.

Lots of problems. Went back to 3.6 in a bad mood.

Then thought 'I'll just have one last go and try 5.0 Beta 7'

Amazingly it all went fine, and I easily tweaked it to look as I want and am finally happy.

(except for Aero effect behind menu bar etc. I'll see if I can get rid of that later)

Filehippo Firefox Download Page

  robin_x 11:30 22 Jun 2011

W7 for me btw

  northumbria61 11:57 22 Jun 2011

It's only the BETA version so no doubt there will be teething problems. I think I will wait or alternatively give it a go on Virtual PC.

  Chas49 12:10 22 Jun 2011

Like Rawprawn I have reverted to V4.01. Earlier, in addition to the getting a non working Firefox v5 and the subsequent uninstalling of it. I then had a problem with Word 2007. This was resolved by installing v4.01 as suggested by fellow member Woolwell.

I will, for a time at least, resist the urge to upgrade to v5!

  Woolwell 12:47 22 Jun 2011

It's not a beta version anymore. I have a number of add-ons that no longer work and as a result my interface looks a bit like Chrome.

  sunnystaines 13:23 22 Jun 2011

looks like XP users are waiting for ver 5.01 with the fix to come out. could drive many back to IE or Chrome

  Graphicool1 15:31 22 Jun 2011

I thought it was a bit sneaky of Firefox. I have 4 and am happy with it. I had no intention of getting 5, no need.

This morning I got a pop up saying important update for FF, recommending I download it immediately. Thinking it was some sort of security thing, I did as I was bid. when it came back on it said thanx for installing FF5. It then informed me that it would have to get rid of my only add on, 'DAP' because it wasn't compatible.

I didn't want 5 in the first place, now I have and am worse off. One step forward and two steps back. Think I'll see if I can unstall it and go back to 4.

  lotvic 20:28 22 Jun 2011

I'm glad I found this thread, I'll stick with FF3.6 for my XP pcs and FF4 on my W7, certainly can't do with hassle at the moment.

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