Firefox 4.0 is released.

  wolfie3000 14:47 22 Mar 2011

Using it now and seems good, click here

What are your thoughts on it?

  wolfie3000 15:08 22 Mar 2011

Just noticed the horrendous amount of memory it uses now, I had 3 tabs open and only have a hand full of addons.

330,740K, im shocked.

click here

  cocteau48 15:18 22 Mar 2011

Not denying that what is "under the hood" may be an improvement but,foe me,many of the other cosmetic changes are totally unnecessary - I still prefer my menu bar to the new Firefox Button - I still like my status bar (now called add-on bar! - why!)along the bottom and I prefer my page loading progress bar on the status bar not along the browser search bar.
I'm not against progress but when your hand and eye move around the screen automatically ,and have done for years,the retraining process has to offer a bit more than the changes here to justify the effort.

  beynac 15:33 22 Mar 2011

You can show the menu bar by clicking on the Firefox Button, Options and click on 'Menu Bar'.

  cocteau48 15:40 22 Mar 2011


I was aware of that - but thanks anyway.

  Graham. 16:02 22 Mar 2011

If you wish?

I'll try it on the sacrificial laptop first.

  cocteau48 16:28 22 Mar 2011

Even though I installed mine into a different folder rather than let it over write the existing version they both write to the same profile in application data so you are as well to take a copy of your existing profile first.
You can then reinstate your current profile if you wish to go back to 3.6.15 and it will be uncorrupted in any way by the new installation.

  Woolwell 16:40 22 Mar 2011

Unless I am missing something how do you tell the zoom percentage now that the status bar has been removed?

  Woolwell 16:44 22 Mar 2011

Hm it's an add-on and then has to be added to a toolbar. The add-on bar seems most appropriate.

  CFC23 16:57 22 Mar 2011

Norton tool bar which incorporates Identity Safe for auto logins, and Met Office gadget will not work with FF4 at the moment. Don't know about any others so I will give it a miss until that gets sorted out.
Both these worked right away with the new IE9.

  Bob The Nob© 19:36 22 Mar 2011

I have several addons and plugins and about 10 tabs open (Windows 7 x86).

I am finding the new firefox much quicker to load and a tidier interface, the benefits of chrome without the chrome incompatibilities.

The "status" bar is called the addon bar because thats where most addons lived even in older versions and it was annoying as hell to me.

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