Firefox 4.0 mock-ups released (New Look)

  Graphicool1 08:01 29 Jul 2009

Proposed new Firefox 4.0 mock-ups released for viewing...
click here

  Technotiger 08:17 29 Jul 2009

Thanks ... so, mostly cosmetic changes, my question is - Why?? It must cost a lot of money making these changes.

Nothing wrong with the present layout IMHO.

If it aint broke, don't fix it!!

  Graphicool1 08:48 29 Jul 2009

Perhaps they think it's a sign of the times, the latest trend is to make your OS look like something other than what it is. As you say mainly cosmetic, but that's what skins are. Let's face it most people are never satisfied with what they've got, they always like to tinker with it. Strange really as these are possibly the same people who feel they must have the latest anything. If someone else has it then they want it too. But once they have it they have to change it. Here are some other links where you can view Skins for WinXP...
click here
click here
To make it look like Vista or Win7.
Here's some for Vista...
click here

  Belatucadrus 10:53 29 Jul 2009

When version three was released a lot of reviews criticized it for looking much the same as its predecessors, looks like Mozilla took the comments to heart. Personally I could care less, but then I still prefer V2 with Fasterfox as it's still the quickest option on my PC.

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