Firefox 4.0 Freezes on Launch

  phoenix198 18:43 15 Mar 2011

I have a problem with Firefox 4.0 freezing on launch under Windows 7 64-bit on one of my PCs

The machine is fully updated (Windows, ATI/AD graphics and hardware drivers, all applications including Flash for non-IE and Shockwave) and I don't have any similar problems on another desktop and a laptop.

Any ideas?

  mgmcc 20:10 15 Mar 2011

I had a problem with Firefox 4 RC freezing in Windows 7 64-bit every time I opened Google's page; I've reverted to Firefox 3.6.15.

However, in Windows XP I haven't had the same problem. Bear in mind that it is still a "Release Candidate" version and not a final stable release.

  phoenix198 22:10 15 Mar 2011

Granted, it is 'just' the release candidate (after 12 or was it 13 Betas!) but freezing on launch or on the main Google page is hardly RC behaviour.

Think I'll be giving it a good, stiff ignoring for a while.

  phoenix198 22:02 23 Mar 2011

Well, after being chided that I should wait for final 'stable' version of Firefox 4.0, I did.

And it still exhibits the same problem on launch - freezing on the main Google UK page and some other sites. This happens on two PCs, one a (not particularly exotic) desktop running Windows 7 64-bit, the other a MacBook Pro running Windows 7 64-bit under Bootcamp.

Equally it runs fine on another two desktops - enough for me to think 'I like it, but why does it freeze on some systems but not others, all of which are running Windows 7 64-bit?'

  Condom 01:39 24 Mar 2011

As far as I understand it Firefox 4 is still the release candidate and not the final consumer release. But I agree that at this stage problems like you are having should have been dealt with by now.

  phoenix198 06:55 24 Mar 2011

The final version of Firefox 4.0 was released on Tuesday ...

  anniesboy 08:05 24 Mar 2011

I also experienced this,in my case it was caused my add on Bullguard Safe Browsing Tool.

I understand that McAfee security advisor was
having a similar effect to Bullguard,an update was issued as a result.

The problem is most likely an add on that is the cause.Try disabling your add ons then enabling them one at a time. That worked for

  anniesboy 08:07 24 Mar 2011

Edit >>> That worked for me.

  Andsome 08:13 24 Mar 2011

Why bother with it at all. I have NO problems whatsoever with IE 8.

  anniesboy 08:45 24 Mar 2011

For McAfee information see click here

  phoenix198 21:26 24 Mar 2011

Thank you, you hit the nail rght on its head :)

I installed the McAfee security advisor updated plug-in and its running fine now. First impressions: mostly good, it is (subjectively) very quick, I haven't encountered any significant issues with website rendering (albeit during only about 3 hours' browsing) and on the whole I like the cleaner look. Not absolutely convinced by the pseudo Chrome positioning of the bookmarks drop-down list though ...

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