Firefox 3.6.6. twitchy

  Muergo 18:34 10 Jul 2010

Since the latest Firefox upgrade installed itself I have found it to be most erratic.

When closing a window it has a tendency, not always, to close all firefox windows leaving no firefox at all.

Has anybody else experienced this?

It is readily cured by the "I'm sorry" screen which reinstalls them all, but it is a nuciance.

  Ashrich 23:59 10 Jul 2010

Absolutely rock steady here , on 4 PC's m maybe you have a conflict somewhere ...


  sunnystaines 06:47 11 Jul 2010

no problems here with xp and windows 7.

I would delete firefox, goto windows explorer afterwards and delete the firefox folder too.

restart pc and get a fresh download of firefox, your one may have some how got corrupted.

  cocteau48 07:15 11 Jul 2010

In my experience problems with FF are more likely to be down to a corruption of your profile (which can be found in Documents and Settings) rather than the program itself.

Deleting Firefox only uninstalls the program but leaves your profile intact - so:

Try creating a new profile (no need to delete the old one - yet)click here

When you boot into Firefox it will give you the choice of which profile to use.
If by using the new one everything works OK then you know it's the old profile causing the problems.

  sunnystaines 09:27 11 Jul 2010

that's a handy tip, noted.


  john 52 10:01 11 Jul 2010

I had a similar problem with the old version of firefox and I creates a new profile as cocteau48 suggested and it seemed to sort the problem out

  cocteau48 10:50 11 Jul 2010

Once you have decided that it is your profile at fault,and depending on how heavily you have got it personalized with themes and add-ons etc., you could either,start afresh with the new profile and re-personalize it from scratch,or,start removing add-ons,one at a time,from the existing profile just in case it is one particular add-on which is causing the problem.

  Muergo 14:00 11 Jul 2010

Thank you all for your inputs, I will get around to doing all of that in the cool of the evenng, I still have water leak to finish fixing, so a bit rushed at present, but it happened again last night, four firefox windows open, closed one, the whole lot closed.

One step further, what about installing Firefox 4 beta, has anyone tried it?
I am too wary of using betas at all, don't mind RCs

  Muergo 13:37 15 Jul 2010

I tried Firefox 4 beta to see if it was any better, but it doesn't support three of my most used Add Ons, so uninstalled it, back to latest upgrade of 3.6

  Muergo 23:44 22 Jul 2010

So I was not alone with twitchy FF, now version 3.6.7 is just out and says will fix "stability problems"

We shall see.

  Muergo 14:50 25 Jul 2010

So now I found we are on Firefox 3.6.8 they say to "overcome further stability problems", so I cannot be alone.

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