blazingbadger 08:03 26 May 2009

I have just updated to the latest Firefox but it now seens to scan every single image i am downloading for viruses. is there a way to stop this I know the security aspects. The previous browser did not scan

  DieSse 08:51 26 May 2009

Browsers don't run virus scans, anti-virus programs do that.

So could you explain "it now seens to scan every single image i am downloading for viruses" a bit more.

Downloading - how?

Seems to scan? - what actually happens?

  AL47 09:15 26 May 2009

if its like mine every fille i download gets scanned when download is completed

i find i very useful, as diesee said, for me t was avg doing it

  blazingbadger 17:36 27 May 2009

Before updating Firefox the virus scanning was of a random nature then when I updated Firefox the scanner scanned all downloads However since downloading the updates from Microsoft scanning has reverted back to random

  DieSse 18:52 27 May 2009

"scanning has reverted back to random"

There is no way scanning should be random. I wonder if there's a setting which controls what is scanned and under what circumstances?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 27 May 2009

What AV program do you use?

Avast is set to scan all files as they are downloaded before saving them to my download location.

So download using FF ask whether to run or save if run on scan action in save the downloaded then scanned for viruses (viri?).

  blazingbadger 20:42 27 May 2009

DieSse could be but I would have to look Fruit Bat Mine is Avast like yours

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