firefox 3.5 update

  kalignorgna 16:23 07 Jul 2009

yesterday i checked the updates on FF and it had a FF 3.5 download so i downloaded it and reset FF. the problem being that after my pc slowed down so that i can only open one or two programs wile ending proccess in task manager because most proccess were taking up 50% usage for no reason, i have now fixed the OS with a restore point but now FF will not work at all.

was this just my bad luck by a faulty download or is there a problem with the FF 3.5 update and if so is there a fix?

  Stuartli 16:41 07 Jul 2009

I've been using FF 3.5 since its June 30th launch with no problems to date.

All that is normally required is to install any new version over the old one.

Try Uninstalling your current non-working version of Firefox, download Firefox 3.5 again (I presume you are using IE or some other browser at present) and Install it. See:

click here

Any add-on or extensions updates should mostly be available very quickly afterwards.

  kalignorgna 11:49 08 Jul 2009

i'm using Opera at mo

and as this seems to be the cause of a faulty download/bad install i will try download a new copy of FF 3.5 and installing it over the top of the curent FF install that way if it installs corectly this time i will still have my bookmarks and add-ons as it should install as a update instead of a new insulation (worked with the beta)

i try it later and see

  Stuartli 18:02 08 Jul 2009

It's the Firefox version you update. Your bookmarks, history etc are held in Profiles. See:

click here

You can also back them up if you wish:

  kalignorgna 10:47 09 Jul 2009

now working

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