laurie53 08:35 06 Oct 2007

I find Firefox is taking 97/99% processor power.

I'm sure I saw a recent thread on this but can't find it.

Anyone give me a steer please?

  Probabilitydrive 08:41 06 Oct 2007

Eliminate add-ons as the cause by firstly running FF in Safe Mode. If the CPU percentage reading drops, the add-on might be the likely cause.

  Stuartli 08:53 06 Oct 2007

Firefox usage on this page in my case is nought per cent when loaded - turning to a new page sees it rise briefly from 25 to 30 per cent for a second or two as the ads etc are reloaded.

  cocteau48 09:59 06 Oct 2007

To start Firefox in safe mode as Probabilitydrive suggests - type
firefox -safe-mode
into your run box (note the space after firefox)

  laurie53 19:32 06 Oct 2007

Anybody at all remember seeing this thread I'm after?

  rdave13 20:57 06 Oct 2007

There is this one; click here

  rdave13 21:00 06 Oct 2007

Hmm, try this link; click here

  laurie53 10:21 07 Oct 2007

Yes, thanks, that was the one.

Didn't really help much, it just happened the once. The computer (HP laptop) virtually locked up and Task Manager showed Firefox as using virtually all the processor power (on the PCA Forum page).

Closed it and reopened it with the same result, IE worked OK.

Did a reset and it has been OK since (couple of days).

I've been using Firefox for some years, with no add ons, never had the problem before.

Just have to wait and see.

  laurie53 10:22 07 Oct 2007

Sorry, forgot to tick.

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