Firefox 3.0.1 Installation doesn't keep Bookmarks

  griffon56 17:57 26 Aug 2008

An automatic Firefox update prompted me to download and install the new version 3.0.1. It warned that it would get rid of an AVG and a ZA? toolbar in the existing profile but everything else would be alright. I should have known. It got rid of my long list of bookmarks built up over a period. I had to go back to an earlier version of Firefox to get them back.

Anybody else had this problem? If not why do I nearly always have problems with downloads? It's like that joke about God and the Mexican.

I downloaded Open Office - my system corrupted. I loaded device drivers for a printer from a CD - it wouldn't let me register. There are plenty of other examples, I've just been too fed up to record them. By now you'll have guessed I'm pretty tetchy about all this. Sorry about that, ignore the gripe, it's my time of the life.

  Technotiger 18:13 26 Aug 2008

Much to my amazement I have just completed downloading and installing Firefox 3.01 after the same prompt that you had - it took me at least six attempts, but I got there in the end.

My Bookmarks are all complete as normal, though I did have to 'lose' a couple of my previous add-ons which were not compatible with this new version of Firefox.

  MIke 18:24 26 Aug 2008

Maybe not an answer to your problem, but I'd suggest using the foxmarks add on. This keeps a copy of your bookmarks online, and so is accesible from any computer. It is also useful as a backup strategy.


  griffon56 15:10 27 Aug 2008

Thanks Mike good idea. Marg7, being properly brought up I close all programs except the firewall and the AV unless warned. This has been going on for years wth other machines. For example, Mozbackup won't restore my emails altho' it says it is and takes about the right amount of time. I can find the emails in Application Data where there is a file about the right size called Inbox, and I have carefully made backups from which Mozbackup ought to restore stuff. It doesn't. I'm going away now to go on beating my head against the wall, it's the only answer.

  griffon56 15:27 27 Aug 2008

Please excuse me moaning but how about this. I used 'System Restore' a only minutes ago to see if it was something I'd done over the past few weeks. It worked alright - but ha, neither Firefox nor Thunderbird shortcuts worked any more nor did clicking the application executable in the program folders either. Both asked for permission to connect to the net, but neither did and neither opened on-screen. See what I mean? Mozbackup told me it had a file missing too. This is System Restore I'm talking about. My dog fell out of the window last night and my best cow has stopped milking, the car has dropped all its oil on the garage floor, a parking summons fell thro' the letter box this afternoon and my father has disinherited me. Is there somehing wrong with me? Worried BlueEyes.

  oldbeefer2 15:54 27 Aug 2008

It'll all seem better in the morning!

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