Firefox 3 should I upgrade

  golfpro 09:59 07 Sep 2008

I am currently using Firefox, but I am cheesed off with the reminders to upgrade to version 3. Is it now time to upgrade, and what if any, are the advantages. I'm a bit concerned about various components Particularly Roboform which I use a lot not being compatible at this time (or am I wrong). I would like a bit of advice from people who have upgraded and the pros and cons.

  Technotiger 10:06 07 Sep 2008

Roboform is compatible I believe, though I don't use it myself. I recently upgraded to FF3 and don't regret it - though Coloured Tabs no longer works, I can live without the colours. I have not noticed any conceivable speed increase, but my PC if pretty good in that respect anyway.

  Technotiger 10:07 07 Sep 2008

Ooops ... if should be .. is

  anniesboy 10:17 07 Sep 2008

I thought colorful tabs worked on FF3.
click here

Roboform should also work,
click here

I don't use either of them myself.

  Technotiger 10:26 07 Sep 2008

Cheers, I had not noticed/looked, have Col Tabs back now - thanks!

  DippyGirl 11:21 07 Sep 2008

Very slow to load and generally killed my PC went back to
Still trying to resolve issues - reviewing addons
Seems quite common, take a look at the Mozilla forums
Have yet to find a "try this thread" rather than the many "me to" ones

  octal 11:43 07 Sep 2008

I found some of the addons wouldn't work, so I started afresh and deleted the Profile folder and reinstalled Firefox again and reinstalled the addons I wanted and it seemed to work fine after that, the only thing is in Thunderbird when I click on a web link now it won't open Firefox, but I'll get around to configuring it sometime, I'm not that fussed, I just copy the link across into FF.

  Stuartli 11:48 07 Sep 2008

New versions of Firefox always intimate that some add-ons may or may not work - the few I use have warranted this message being posted, but all were found to work exactly as before.

If you want Firefox to fire up faster, don't shut it down when you close XP or whatever OS you use.

  cocteau48 12:09 07 Sep 2008

In my opinion FF 3.01 is superior.
If you want to try it use Mozbackup click here to backup your profile first ...and then you can go back to version 2 if you desire and reinstall your saved profile.
Moving up to version 3 and then going back to version 2 will corrupt your profile .. hence the need to use Mozbackup first.

  golfpro 14:33 07 Sep 2008

Thanks all. Have installed it and it works fine (at the moment) no slow down, faster if anything, all components that I need are working fine so I will keep it.

  Stuartli 17:30 07 Sep 2008

Why not try Firetune Firefox, which saves doing the task manually to speed up FF even more?

click here

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