Firefox 3 Problem

  superhoops 09:52 03 Jul 2008

Since I installed Firefox 3 I have found that often when I either click on an email link or click on the firefox desktop icon it doesn't start. What I have found is that if I start Task Manager and look at processes it is already listed. By ending the process I am them able to start Firefox as usual. I presume this means that although I have previously closed Firefox it is not really properly shutting down, so when I try to start it later it refuses to open a second instance of itself.
Any ideas thanks!

  superhoops 14:03 03 Jul 2008

Hi Marg7. Firefox is set as the default browser. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling yesterday!!!
I didnt have these problems when I had Firefox 2 so I guess my pc just doesnt't like firefox 3

  Technotiger 14:06 03 Jul 2008

I too had problems with FF3, so I reverted to FF which is a recent update to FF2.

  brundle 14:07 03 Jul 2008

Use Firefox Safe Mode click here , or create a new profile click here

  superhoops 14:28 03 Jul 2008

Hi thanks for the replies, I think the easiest is to uninstall and revert to, that tended to run without problems. Regards

  superhoops 14:36 03 Jul 2008

Ok thanks

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