firefox 3 beta 4

  kdt 16:43 10 Mar 2008


  kdt 16:48 10 Mar 2008

at file hippo

  sunny staines 17:25 10 Mar 2008

whats it like, is it still buggy?

  sunny staines 21:19 13 Mar 2008

been using it tonight. well impressed with its speed and performance.
[note firefox 2 does not get deleted during install]

rock solid and so fast.

  DieSse 02:14 14 Mar 2008

Very, very fast - though have a couple of small issues not there in beta3.

  cocteau48 07:59 14 Mar 2008

As sunny staines rightly says it installs into a different folder and runs alongside Firefox 2 so you can keep both.
Be aware though that if you start to tinker with your add-ons and extensions or themes in version 3 it alters your profile which does affect both versions.

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