Firefox 3 address bar

  gazmix 09:17 14 Jan 2009

I just updated to FF3.
In my last version of FF2 before prompted to update to 3, the address bar was obviously different!

In FF2, i typed all my usually used sites in there & they would stay there & i'd just click on them as i needed!

Now, i see that all links in sites stay in the address bar & sites that i want to stay there seem to disapear within minutes!!
I types the addy for this site & the next time i used the drop down address bar, it had gone!!!

Can i alter this?? or is it possible to download FF2 & keep using that & ditch the rubbish that is FF3 & stop the prompts to update!!


  iscanut 09:23 14 Jan 2009

They are now in the "Most Visited" & "Recent" tabs, look here click here

FF3 far from rubbish !

  iscanut 09:34 14 Jan 2009

Also click here this shows how to access visted sites so you can click on them in the way that you say you can't do.

  gazmix 09:35 14 Jan 2009

There is nothing in 'recent tabs' & only half of the addresses i typed in the dropdown bar are in 'most visited'.
Does it mean i have to go to bookmarks & most visited to see my sites!! that were in dropdown?
Also i don't want links i click on to appear in dropdown address bar!!

I also can't get rid of my bookmarks in the dropdown bar. These are only sites i bookmarked for when i need them (rarely), thats why i keep them in bookmarks, not in my regularly used dropdown list. I c;ick on them when highlighted & they just reappear.

Can i get the address bar to work as in FF2 ??

  iscanut 09:41 14 Jan 2009

Looks like you will need to go back to FF2. If you need to download it again click here and select version you want from the list. Just be aware that older versions are less secure and are no longer patched !

  tullie 09:45 14 Jan 2009

I drag and drop my often used sites from bookmarks to the bookmarks toolbar.

  gazmix 10:15 14 Jan 2009

Well i went back to version & it does what i want!
I know new don't always mean best & for me, i prefer how 2 works.
I just hope i don't keep getting prompted to update. I was before & kept saying 'never' when it asked & yet each day i was!

It maybe not as secure, but thats what my up to date AV/Mal/Spyware & Firewall are for aint it?

  gazmix 12:35 16 Jan 2009

mm, ok, so i have FF & all is ok. My addy bar is working how it used to & not messing me about like in FF3.

The thing is, each day, it asks me to update to 3 & i click on 'Never', which i assume means 'Never', but it keeps reminding me!!

How can i turn off the reminder?


  ambra4 13:37 16 Jan 2009

“I just hope i don't keep getting prompted to update. I was before & kept saying 'never' when it asked”

Just go into Tools – Options – Advanced – Update – and Untick Firefox

  gazmix 19:24 17 Jan 2009

I will do this, i know about the browser being less secure & un patched, but as to what extent will this be a problem if my antivirus, spyware, malware & firewall are all up to date?


  ambra4 00:49 18 Jan 2009

Should not be a problem you just have to do a manual update check now and than to see if there

is a newer Firefox version beyond, and stop getting nagged about version 3

At present I am using with Firefox update untick and have no problem

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