Firefox 3 AND 4

  Muergo 20:12 25 Mar 2011

I am concerned that my best add ons may not work with FF4.

Can I install FF4 in parallel with FF3 so that I can see both systems?

How do I upgrade it without wiping out FF3?

Are all the bookmarks preserved, I think I have them backed up but not sure if Acronis TI backs everything up.

  finerty 20:23 25 Mar 2011

you can download from here click here

normally i download and let it run once the new browser is working i remove the old one

  rdave13 20:23 25 Mar 2011

Hmm. Difficult questions which I can't offer any suggestions, unfortunately. Updated to FF4 and still the same crappy browser in my humble opinion. IE9 is good I think.
Firefox a second browser as a backup if ever IE fails.

  Muergo 21:09 25 Mar 2011

I have IE8 running alongside FF3 at present but prefer FF,don't know why really, I change the appearance personas frequently to get some excitement!, I must get another life sometime, but hanging onto this one isn't easy.
Only other excitement gets me points on my licence and a fine.

I will do as finerty has indicated but still worried about my bookmarks.

I will give IE9 a go as well and then we can all have a confer.

There's not a lot of feedback on this forum, perhaps everybody is happy with their choices, I wish they would say.

  rdave13 21:26 25 Mar 2011

When it comes down to brass tacks then, in my opinion, IE9 is the best browser to date. Keep FF and try Chrome. If you find problems uninstalling spy.. err.. Chrome then take it up with Google.

  Muergo 21:32 25 Mar 2011

I tried Chrome a while back but not for long!!

I've also had a go with Safari on my wifes' computer but don't like it.

  Muergo 21:45 25 Mar 2011

I was just going to do an incremental backup with Acronis TI and there staring at me is "Try and Decide" function which allows you to update or install anything and then decide whether to keep it or revert to previous state.

  rdave13 21:50 25 Mar 2011

So what was the solution if I may ask?

  rdave13 22:03 25 Mar 2011

FF3 or FF4 ?

  robin_x 22:10 25 Mar 2011

Finerty's filehippo link gets a WOT warning above, but I posted this link in another forum earlier.

Linkto all the older FF versions for download in filehippo.
click here

So just re-install if you have problems with any ne w versions.

Auto update can be turned off via "Tools/Options/Advanced/Update Tab/Ask me what to do" to prevent Firefozx updating and breaking Add-ons.

Mozbackup is useful to quickly backup up your profile (which I do often anyway) even though this can also be done within FF, I prefer Mozbackup.

click here;1

No plans myself to get FF4. I am staying at 3.6.15 for the moment. I heard some problems with 3.6.16
for a few people. Others report fine.

  cocteau48 22:10 25 Mar 2011

You can certainly run FF3 and FF4 alongside one another, Just select custom install and install into its own folder.
The problem can be that even though you do that they both still access the same profile which can end up corrupting the profile for one or both installations.
You can get around this by creating a new profile for the new version click here when you open either version you should get a pop up asking which profile you wish to use with the version chosen.(so long as you untick the box "don't ask at startup")

The newly created profile will contain none of your add-ons or bookmarks but your existing profile will remain intact with your bookmarks etc.

Another workaround to try the new version is to use Portable Firefox on a USB drive as this writes its own profile to the same USB drive and again does not affect your existing profile.

I have successfully tried both of these methods but have decided to stick with version 3 for everyday use until my favorite add-ons become fully compatible.

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