Firefox 3

  thumbscrew 09:29 18 Jun 2008

So, what's the big deal with Firefox 3? Apart from a slightly rearranged look to my site history, to my uneducated eye it's virtually indistinguishable from all its predecessors.

  Technotiger 09:34 18 Jun 2008

I agree - plus, I uninstalled it again and reverted to the earlier version, FF3 did not like my Add-ons so didn't load them. I like my add-ons! I might try it again in the future when the Add-ons side had been sorted - like all new so-called improvements these days, there always seem to be 'bits' to be ironed out.

  cocteau48 10:01 18 Jun 2008

"So, what's the big deal with Firefox 3? "
Have a read at the changelog here:

click here

Extensions and themes are coming online already.
Google Toolbar for Firefox is compatible as of this morning and seven themes added yesterday.
I am sure the most popular ones will be up and running quite soon.
The problems may be with add-ons inserted by third party programs - for example I do not know if my "Evernote Web Clipper" will ever be compatible as Firefox says it does not support secure updates.
Time will tell!

  hiwatt 10:07 18 Jun 2008

Does anyone know when you can update to 3 from within firefox?I always prefer to update from within the program itself.Thanks.

  Technotiger 10:10 18 Jun 2008

Yes, now available from within.

cocteau48 ... I am thinking mainly of Image Shack, so will wait until that one is compatible again - meanwhile I will stick with the earlier FF.

  hiwatt 10:29 18 Jun 2008

When I check for updates it's telling me there are none availiable?Did you manage to update from within firefox?Thanks.

  Technotiger 10:36 18 Jun 2008

Yes I did. But, since reverting to the earlier version it is now saying no new updates available.
Anyway, I am happier with the earlier version, I have got my Add-ons back.

  Daibus 13:14 18 Jun 2008

I don't know whether it's just me but I had some difficulty in reinstalling Firefox after downloading Firefox version 3.0 and being a bit disappointed that most of my add-ons would not work.

A restore point was made in Windows XP and a current backup was also made in MozBackup before installing Firefox 3.0 but after downloading it would just not install.

Eventually I discovered that I had to go into Application Data and delete the relevant file to be able to restore my previous version of Firefox

  thumbscrew 19:42 18 Jun 2008

One more point, on another post it states that if you download FF3 from Filehippo, you get the beta version. I took mine from there, it was in the non-beta list and I assumed-as anyone would that it was the finished product. Anyone know how I can check it's not the beta?

  AL47 19:53 18 Jun 2008

ive got ff3 final, and the addons are getting updated every day, adblock now works,

its really good imo

  iscanut 20:08 18 Jun 2008

Click on help and then update. If you have beta version, Mozilla should update it. If full version, you will get " no updates available"

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