Firefox 3

  Chas49 22:16 07 May 2008

I am experiencing a problem with Firefox 3. Sometimes, when I have closed it and, later try to load it again, a box appears telling me that Firefox is already running. I've then looked in the Task Manager and, according to that, Firefox 3 is not running. I have to reboot the computer and start again.

Another problem which appears, and may be related, is that some links don't work. An example was the one leading to PC Advisor's link leading to the report on Microsoft releasing SP3 for XP - ut didn't work on the first loading, it did after the reboot.

As always your input will be appreciated.

  [email protected] 22:21 07 May 2008

ok here on 3.0b5,have you any add ons that maybe causing it to malfunction?

  Chas49 22:33 07 May 2008

Thanks for the reply Raven - no, no add-ons - it wouldn't accept those I used in Firefox 2. I thought that it may be a bug seeing that it is a beta. However, if you are not having the same trouble then this idea would appear to be wrong.

I think that I will uninstall it and then try a reinstall.

  [email protected] 22:37 07 May 2008

Its been fine for me,touch wood
see here for clean install
click here

  Chas49 07:26 08 May 2008

I've accessed the link you've found and am carrying out the instructions contained - one thing at a time and see what the results are, finishing with a clean install if necessary.

Thanks again Raven.

  Stuartli 09:25 08 May 2008

Don't forget that Firefox 3 still has to reach its Final version - Beta versions are to, hopefully, root out any problems, bugs etc.

  birdface 11:06 08 May 2008

From PCA home page.Probably not your problem but worth a here

  birdface 11:07 08 May 2008

Oops forget that one it was for Firefox 2.

  Chas49 17:07 08 May 2008

Buteman: I have the same trouble as you - an itchy trigger finger <G>

Stuartli: Of course you are correct. I did do one alteration (as suggested by Raven) I removed the add-ons (installed when I was using Firefox 2) - so I will see if that was the cause (time will tell)

Thanks all.

  Chas49 23:36 10 May 2008

No problems since removing the add ons

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