laurie53 09:56 01 Jul 2007

After ignoring the prompts for weeks I finally succumbed and downloaded the latest Firefox.

Now every time I start it I get a prompt asking me if I want to restore the old session.

This is obviously a default I can turn off (if not where can I download the previous version?!) but I can't find out where.

Can anybody give me a steer please?



  cocteau48 10:02 01 Jul 2007

You should only get the "restore session" prompt if Firefox is not closed down properly using the X.

  rawprawn 10:03 01 Jul 2007

I think if you close it properly and don't just turn you machine off, it won't appear.

  Stuartli 13:49 01 Jul 2007

As correctly pointed out, if Firefox is not properly shut down you will get the Restore Session query.

However, this feature is very useful if, for instance, you merely have to do a reboot and the session can be immediately resumed.

One point to note is that if you have two or more windows (not tabs) open in Firefox when shutting down, they will be in reverse order on a Restore Session.

  laurie53 17:04 01 Jul 2007

I'm doing nothing different now than I have been doing since I first installed FF some years ago.

They have obviously decided to change the system.

Closing down programmes individually is not easy for me, so it looks as though Ive got to find a way to download an old copy from somewhere

Thanks for the help so far


  laurie53 17:06 01 Jul 2007

Whoops, just saw THE RAVEN's response so will give it a try


fyi, in case the tweak doesnt work for you.

you should be able to download any version from
click here right column
though i presume these wouldnt include the latest security patches.

  laurie53 18:25 02 Jul 2007

Thanks for the further response. The tweak worked for me.

You may have already seen this message as I first posted it early this morning!


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