Big cog 21:33 25 Jan 2007

I have installed firefox browser but when I try to use it I get the message cant make connection any answers

  STREETWORK 21:37 25 Jan 2007

Open firefox and click on tools then options, look at the advanced options to configure how firefox connects to the internet...

  Big cog 22:04 25 Jan 2007

Streetwork thancs for the tip

  hawthorn59 02:17 26 Jan 2007

Just wondering has anyone downloaded Firefox 2 and is it worth doing it?


  pac73 04:10 26 Jan 2007

In my view,its well worth downloading ff2.Ive been using it since it was available for public download.Its got a better interface and more secure than IE 7.

  m800afc 04:21 26 Jan 2007

I have used FF2 from its release. I prefer it to IE and it is a better bowser IMHO. It also has some nice add-ons, 2860 are accessible from the Mozilla site!

  leedaz 07:35 26 Jan 2007

I use firefox from time to time now, and prefer it to IE but I couldn't copy and paste in FF apparently it's a known windows bug, does anyone know if this has been fixed in FF2. Thanks.

  tullie 08:00 26 Jan 2007

I have FF2 and copy and paste regulary if thats any help

  leedaz 08:11 26 Jan 2007

Thanks tullie, c&p was a bit hit and miss in FF on Windows, it annoyed me so much I had to stop using it, might install v2 on main pc and give it another chance.

  Stuartli 09:40 26 Jan 2007

I've always been able to copy and paste in Firefox.

  leedaz 09:54 26 Jan 2007

click here

click here

The 2nd link seems to suggest the bug was fixed.

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