Firefox 2.0 on screen warning

  heavymetalkid 13:32 31 Oct 2006

I installed Firefox 2.0 recently and, so far all seems fine However, each time I boot up I get an on-screen warning thus..."The last session closed unexpectedly, you can restore the tabs and windows" There are two options..restore session or ...start new session I'm baffled by this as, the session referred to didn't close unexpectedly as far as I know. Anyone know how to disable the warning?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:32 31 Oct 2006

Try clearing out temp files.

  bretsky 14:38 31 Oct 2006

Have you tried using the browser in safe mode,NOT WINDOWS SAFE MODE BUT (Start>All programs>Mozilla firefox>safe Mode.
Perhaps you may have some buggy extension that are crashing upon shutdown thus triggering the warning message.

bretsky ;0)

  heavymetalkid 14:46 31 Oct 2006

Thanks both. Bretsky, still there in Safe Mode. Diodorus,best way to do it???

  VoG II 16:39 31 Oct 2006
  Diodorus Siculus 17:00 31 Oct 2006

Or Ccleaner from click here

  brundle 17:05 31 Oct 2006

I had the same problem, uninstalling WebCompose and Colorful Tabs extensions/add-ons solved it - neither are compatible with FF2 yet. See if you have any non-functioning add-ons that could be removed.
Tab-X 0.92 used to enable restoration of `crashed` sessions and is not compatible with FF2.

  heavymetalkid 18:34 31 Oct 2006

Thanks all, for replies. VoG and Diodorus...two different cleaners,both equally good or has one got the edge? Finally, is there any chance that they could do damage by removing something important?

  VoG II 18:37 31 Oct 2006

I would say that Ccleaner is the more vicious of the two but I've never heard of anybody losing anything important after running it.

  heavymetalkid 20:48 31 Oct 2006

A vicious cleaner.....sounds like my ex-wife! Looking again, I'm unsure if this warning is meant to be shown and is part of the package. I've noticed that, from time to time when I exit Firefox it vanishes and immediately reappears top left of the screen in a tiny box. Clicking on the maximise button pops it back on the screen. Could it be part of 2.0?

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