Firefox 1.0.3

  Joe R 21:53 04 May 2005

Has anyone else had problems with this browser.?

I am having to use I.E. to access this forum at the minute. Firefox will not open, even in safe mode (the browser's safe mode).

No changes have been made to the system apart, from an update to Macromedias shockwave player.

Avg, adaware, spybot and spywareblaster are all up to date, and report no problems.

The rest of the system is running fine, and this is just to ask if anyone else has had problems, before I uninstall and reinstall.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:01 04 May 2005

Updated it yesterday and it just sat there on the startup screen for about 10 minutes.

Finally started itself now appears to run ok am using at this moment.

  Josh123 22:03 04 May 2005

I have been using 1.0.3 for a week with no problems.

  octal 22:17 04 May 2005

I have had problems with FF in the past. It turns out my Profile folder got corrupted.
This tells you were the profile folder can be located in various systems: click here and how to manage the folder.

  Joe R 22:19 04 May 2005


Thanks for your posting, but i,ve just uninstalled and reinstalled it, and it is now running with no problems.

Strangely enough, when I was uninstalling it, I had to close two instances of firefox.exe, which were running processes at the time.

Thanks to all who posted.

  Pooke100 22:30 04 May 2005

I just installed it today 1.0.3, never used FF at all before today! It runs fine, loads this site quite quickly compared to IE.

  DieSse 22:35 04 May 2005

I've been running 1.0.3 for some time, with no problems, I've recently seen a site that Firefox renders perfectly, the IE doesn't - there's a turnaround for you!

  ashdav 11:16 05 May 2005

I've found that you can install updated versions over your old ones but you end up with 2 folders installed.Best to uninstall the previous version first by way of add/remove programs in the control panel to prevent any conflicts. All your settings and bookmarks etc are retained in a separate folder when you do this.

  CurlyWhirly 11:43 05 May 2005

I have been using Firefox with NO problems for the past few weeks and also I have recently upgraded to version 1.0.3 from version 1.0.2 as well, again with NO problems.

I didn't uninstall the old version, I just downloaded the new version and it works perfectly.
I didn't even know that you were SUPPOSED to uninstall the old version first!

  Stuartli 12:58 05 May 2005

I've been using FF since version 1 and installed 1.0.3 when it came out - no problems even though I installed it first over 1.0.2 and then uninstalled it along with 1.0.2 and then reinstalled 1.0.3.

This morning I installed 1.0.3 for a friend on another system over an earlier version after forgetting to uninstall the latter, but the system ran OK so I've left it alone.

  JayDay 13:05 05 May 2005

I think problems occur if you install over an existing version. Always uninstall FF before installing a new version.

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