Firefox 1.0

  micklemouse 11:12 30 Jan 2005

Details; Windows XP with sp2 using firewall and antivirus. I have just installed Firefox 1.0. The trouble is, in the address window which appears in the taskbar, the icon for websites typed in there still show the Explorer Icon. And to be dicky awkward, the icons in the address window at the top of the browser window are the images of the sites they represent e.g. the virgin website shows red letter 'V'. OR,, they may change to just file icons., which is what they are right now. The same goes for the tabs. These either represent their websites or are just file icons. What's going on and should they just be the Firefox Icon?. I am confused! In the forum on Mozilla they say it only happened with Windows 98 or ME. D'OH !!!

  Dorsai 11:21 30 Jan 2005

Is XP is still set to use IE as the 'default' browser for internet files?

in FF under tools>options>general try setting FF as the default browser if so.

I also find that some sites will give a custom icon when opened, such a yahoo, while others use a 'default' (A blue ball for the theme i use).

  micklemouse 11:39 30 Jan 2005

Yes I have checked, Dorsai and in Tools>Options>General it says Firefox is set to default and there is no check in the box which asks if Firefox should ask if it is the default browser. Strange to say that now all the default icons have changed to boring grey 'file' icons in the address window and tabs! but still I have the I.E. in the bottom address bar. Puzzled to say the least!

  Stuartli 11:50 30 Jan 2005

Most icons displayed in the Firefox address bar are grey - you can drag and drop the icon if you wish to create a shortcut on the Desktop or wherever you want if required.

Check XP's Set Program Access and Defaults to ensure that Firefox is Enabled as your default browser and any other programs you wish to act in this way.

By the way, the Google address bar on the right of the Firefox address bar has a number of other search engines available (just click on the google logo) and you can add more if you wish.

  micklemouse 12:24 30 Jan 2005

the default browser in XP settings is the Firefox one; however I've just discovered the files in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Chrome are mostly JAR files,,should I extract these files or leave them as they are? They are; comm, help, pipnss, toolkit, browser, classic, en-GB, installed-chrome and pippki.

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