Fire Fox Web browser question

  golfpro 07:37 15 Dec 2004

Is anyone using the Fire Fox web browser, if so what do you think of it and does it have any advantages over Internet Explorer?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:45 15 Dec 2004

I am a big fan of it:

click here for some discussion.

  Mike D 08:18 15 Dec 2004

Ichanged over to Firefox and Thunderbird about a month ago - no problems and it seems to be faster.


  rawprawn 09:21 15 Dec 2004

I run both Firefox & IE, and I like both for different reasons. Each seems to have it's own advantages. I like to run them both together and switch between the two.

  golfpro 09:31 15 Dec 2004

Thank you for your replys, I'm going to give it a go for a few weeks. The only thing I had reservations about was a spell checker (I/E has a very good one), but I see Firefox also has one built in If I can find it. I did also try Opera some time ago, Quite good but no S/Checker.

  mbp 11:36 15 Dec 2004

The spell checker was built in my Outlook Express for checking emails only. I did not have a spell checker in in Internet Explorer. For this I had to download iespell that complimented Internet Explorer.

I also had to download the abc-spell checker for Firefox from their download site. Mine was not built-in automatically as suggested. However, there is an already built-in spell checker for Thunderbird email client. I believe that in the Mozilla browser, the spell checker is built-in.

  mbp 11:52 15 Dec 2004

1) It is a much smaller target for hackers, trojans, viruses, spam, pop ups, than IE hence, theoretically much safer as a browser.
2) Quick change of script size: hold down ctrl and click +/- on numeric pad and you get the size of text suitable for you vision.
3) Select your Tabs for browsing and you can switch web page in one click. Most people only need about 5 sites on their tabs. But you can have any number.
4) It has a relatively small footprint as it is ONLY a browser. Nothing else.
5) If you need a email client the companion is Thunderbird.
6) It is an Open Source program and is constantly changing with the changing scenery, so will never be dated.
7) It is free, popular, and a change from IE.
8) You must keep IE for your Windows updates. Bill has got you by the short and curleys.
9) I had withdrawal symptoms when I deleted Firefox and went back to IE.
10) If the above does not convince you, then try something else. No charge!

  Yoda2002 15:18 15 Dec 2004

fire fox is much fast safari is good too ie is old slow dangerous an far far out of date

  Stuartli 16:53 15 Dec 2004

The spell checker in IE uses a word processor such as Word for this feature.

I've been using both Firefox and Thunderbird (now 1.0 as well) for several weeks and am highly delighted - quicker all round and much safer in general use.

  Creditman 17:52 15 Dec 2004

Encouraged by recent threads on Firefox I have installed it but want to show the Google toolbar. How do I do this ? It does not appear in the list of extensions or anywhere in the help section for IE users. Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 21:28 15 Dec 2004 - googlebar: index
click here

Any good?

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