Fire fox claims Incompatability

  blazingbadger 08:40 18 Oct 2009

I have fire fox installed when I started up my computer this morning I got this

Microsoft.NET Framework Assistant 1.1 Add ClickOnce support and the ability to report installed .NET versions to the web server
Disabled for your protection Known to cause security or stability issues.
When I go to more information the box says here uses an invalid security certificate

This certificate is only valid for *

(Error code ssl_error_bad-Cert_domain)

Can any body give me any clues to what has happened or have I been got at by rouge site also How do I enable .NET again as the enable box in Add ons is grayed out

  anniesboy 08:47 18 Oct 2009

Ive had this also,Im sure Ive not been on a rogue site.
Its maybe linked to this click here

  cocteau48 08:50 18 Oct 2009

Same here ... popped up yesterday.
I await further comments with interest.

  anniesboy 08:53 18 Oct 2009

Also see here
click here

  blazingbadger 08:56 18 Oct 2009


Sun, 18/10/[email protected]:53

Also see here
click here

  anniesboy 08:58 18 Oct 2009

More here
click here

  ambra4 10:49 18 Oct 2009

How to remove the .NET Framework Assistant for Firefox

click here

  Stuartli 10:58 18 Oct 2009

If you go to FF's Tools>Add-ons, you can see which Extensions etc are installed.

I've had the same message, but no problems have resulted so far by ignoring it for the moment.

FF can give false messages - for instance every time I install a new version it advises that TinyURL will no longer work.

I just ignore it as, in fact, TinyURL works exactly as before.

  johndrew 11:00 18 Oct 2009

Other than the security issues claimed by Mozilla and others, what is the affect on functionality of Firefox by loss of the Net Framework Assistant and the Windows Presentation Plug-in for the majority of users?

All I have read in click here and
click here along with the above links leaves me no wiser.

  anniesboy 12:16 18 Oct 2009

Just found this "sticky" on Mozilla Forum
click here

  blazingbadger 12:28 18 Oct 2009

Jock1e What problems are you having Please let me know

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