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  steve263000 10:45 22 Nov 2004

I put my renewed site click here up for the forum last week, but the post was taken off due to some of the content. I had a think about that, and have now changed a lot, putting in a history of Wales. I have worked long and hard on the site, and even though it only a homepage, would like to know what the forum thinks of it. Your views are appreciated.

  Taran 17:30 22 Nov 2004

Well, I hope this is constructive criticism and not offensive in any way.

Like fourm member I cannot get the image swap to work (probable script problem - I've not had the time to read the source code thoroughly yet) and your hover buttons don't work either. It looks at first glance like the mouseover images are missing, so when you place the cursor over the navigation button, the button vanishes and a small cross appears where the hover state image should be.

I also agree that you should try a margin of some description, or perhaps dump all of your page content into an 85 or 90% width table, which will allow it to resize based on the visitors screen resolution.

Now, this may seem picky, but I am colourblind and found your font/heading font/background difficult to read. I doubt I'll be alone in that since colourblindness affects a surprising amount of people.

One final point to note: you've committed the cardinal sin and used capital letters and spaces in your file names, like this:

Steves page.htm

If you want to use multiple words to identify pages, which is a good idea to help manage your site, you should separate them with an underscore and only use lower case, like_this or steves_page.htm

Now, keep in mind that all of the above concentrates on the negatives.

What I would like to add is that you have obviously done a very great deal of work and put a lot of effort into the site and, as far as its content goes, it shows. Some of the quibbles I have mentioned are minor, while some could do with addressing, but nothing can take away from the fact that your site is an excellent example of what you can acheive when you put your mind to it, and it only really needs a little bit of tweaking in the grand scheme of things. To be honest, you've done almost all of the hard work.

Very well done.

My final word of warning - this web design lark can get addictive - you have been warned...

Best of luck with it.


  steve263000 11:35 23 Nov 2004

Thank you both for the advise. That is just what I wanted. As for the border, when I checked it before uploading it seemed to be OK. On my home monitor, is was not bad, but in work with a smaller monitor, I now see the problem. Can anyone advise as to a good padding size? Would 20 either side be OK? As for the colour, not being colour blind, it did not even occur to me that the colour would be hard to read. I have had a look at other schemes, and will change it. The menus do work although, the button appears to be faulty. I need to put in a different menu anyway, as the history site needs a drop down type menu as it has a lot of links. Taran, I have changed the Steves page to steves_page, and on the next upload that and many others will alter. Why is it such a crime however? That I have never figured out. I dare say everybody but me knows, but there many be other new members that do the same thing. Steve.

  steve263000 11:47 23 Nov 2004

One more thing. The photo change was mentioned. When I checked this morning in FP browser check it was fine. When I checked today on the web, not working. Wierd. I will just dump the fancy bit and go back to a single photo. Of to the USA in a couple of days, so not much time, but I will get it sorted out. Steve.

  Forum Editor 00:56 24 Nov 2004

I find the font size a little too big, and the look of the pages would be improved considerably if the text was in a table.

  User-312386 01:58 24 Nov 2004

when hovering over family pages etc etc, you have not put a button there in Front Page for hovering

  steve263000 10:29 24 Nov 2004

I have been through the site again making changes as suggested. I have altered the menu buttons using FP 2003 own navigation buttons. These still come out with the "red x" although in the browser preview they work fine. The background colour is now disgusting, but using the theme from FP it shows on my site as a nice light colour. The picture swap appears to work now since I changed it to "mouse over". I will put a different menu in when I get chance, but this is all I can do now, as I am away for two weeks. Any suggestions as to what is causing the problems so I can fix it in a couple of weeks? I know it is only a homepage, and as such will not get the traffic, but for my own use, I would like to see it as I want it. The font however, will stay large, as that is the way I like to read it.

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