Finerprint security

  dms05 08:31 31 Jan 2006

I know some IBM laptops include a fingerprint scanner for ultimate security. I've also seen free-standing USB fingerprint scanners on offer for £15. Has anyone ever used one and are they as effective as they could be?

One worry is 'what happens if the fingerprint scanner fails?' Do you loose all access to the computer and/or files or is their a workaround?

  €dstowe 08:40 31 Jan 2006

If the scanner fails, you install another one to access your computer. There shouldn't be a workaround otherwise there is no point in having the system.

Is the data on your computer sufficiently sensitive to require such a heavyweight security system?

If it isn't then save your money.

  dms05 08:50 31 Jan 2006

Hi, thanks for the answer. I was concerned about the 'what if' the scanner fails.

The degree of security on my laptop is an important point. I have BIOS password, Windows password and sensitive file passwords. One fingerprint could save me the hassle of remembering all the various combinations for my more secure data. Assuming fingerprinting would be effective of course!

  €dstowe 10:47 31 Jan 2006

I would suggest keeping all "sensitive" data on something other that permanently in your computer. All of my sensitive business information is stored on removable hard drives which are taken off the premises at night and at weekends.

I would not entrust my data to any so-called security software, or hardware, after a disaster with Steganos Safe which was supposed to keep its data behind a secure password. Then problem was that the "safe" was somewhat too efficient and it forgot the password (not my error, it was most definitely Steganos) and there was nothing I could do or Steganos Helpline could do to retrieve the information.

Do you need three passwords on your machine? Does it contain State secrets or something? Personally, I think the security you have already is more than enough.

  dms05 10:51 31 Jan 2006

€dstowe thanks for your thoughts. On a laptop that is moved from location to location things are a little more complicated. But I think I'll stick with what I have (the BIOS password is easily defeated). Many thanks!

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