finding Postscript lasers on network

  rbrtsmrvll6 19:29 21 Mar 2006

I have previously asked for help on this in the helproom and then realised that it might be a network problem.

The school in which I work uses mostly Macs but I am trying to introduce some PCs. On the school network we have some HP 3700n postscript printers attached directly to the network, not to the server, any PCs or Macs. Using a Mac I find it easy to link to any of these printers but I am lost when trying to do this from a PC using Windows XP. A wizard pops up and tells me to connect to a local printer, even though the printer is not local. I obey but get lost.

There are data points around the school where ethernet patch cables can be plugged in, sometimes coming from PCs or Macs and sometimes from printers. On Macs I simply choose to use a postscript printer and am offered the choice of any one of the 4. PCs are probably just as easy to use, if only I knew how.

When I choose to Add a Printer the wizard suggests using the local printer and not the network printer option but, whatever path I choose, I get lost.

Any ideas?


  howard63 20:22 21 Mar 2006

if you new the mac [not mac pc] number of the printer you are trying to connect to you could enter it. You need the ip address of the printer. It may well be that you have to load the printer software onto your pc and then search for it. Normally you have to use the printers set up prog to browse for the printer.

  Danoh 20:23 21 Mar 2006

Welcome to the convoluted world of PC networks compared to Apple!
(I was amazed at how easy an Apple notebook picks up printers, Exchange email servers, etc., on a PC network not so long ago!).

I'm not familiar with installing PCs into a MAC network but presumably on the PCs you have already done Control Panel> Network Setup Wizard first?
The PC needs to be told its now connected to a network (which presumably is why you don't get the Network Printer setup option).

  howard63 20:23 21 Mar 2006

3rd. word should be knew

  Danoh 20:26 21 Mar 2006

Or do manual setup as howard63 posted just before I did!

And yes, you definitely do have to install the HP 3700n's printer drivers on each PC (stored on a network folder for ease of access from multiple PCs).

  Danoh 09:15 22 Mar 2006

click here

I don't know Apple networking nor about installing PCs into one, but the common area will be IP addressing.

So going back to fundamentals;

The HP printers will be assigned an IP address in your Apple network when they are plugged into an Ethernet data port on that network.

PCs have standard IP networking protocols loaded and active and should automatically get an IP address assigned when they are plugged into an Ethernet data port ~ do they?

As your HP printers are not attached to a print server as is normally the case in large PC networks, it will be termed a "local" printer rather confusingly.

Via Start> Control Panel> Printers> Add a Printer>
Follow the Wizard, Local Printer, can't find any Plug'N'Play but just click next,
select Create a New Port instead of using one of the existing PC's comms ports,

The next step I'm not sure of as I've only used it to add printers on a PC network, which uses the "Local port" option for setup.

I see there is a TCP/IP option as well, which is probably the most logical to go for but I have no experience of going down this road.

Hope that has inched things along a little and others can step in?

  rbrtsmrvll6 09:43 22 Mar 2006

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately?? I don't work on a Wednesday so I can't try out your ideas until tomorrow but it looks as though you've started me towards an answer.

howard63 - "mac [not mac pc] number of the printer" Is this a 4 numbers linked by periods that I found on the printer's display? (something like - I have a note of the real number at school. Is this the same as an address?

Danoh - The school network was set up by BT who are much happier with PCs than Macs and in some schools in Edinburgh there are more PCs than Macs so ours probably isn't an Apple network rather than a PC network but I don't know if this makes any difference.

I'll start off following your advice tomorrow and let you both know how I get on.


  Danoh 10:21 22 Mar 2006

Sounds like an outsourced contract?
It does depends a lot on how the outsourcer has implemented your network.
Chasing down faults that appear in a large network is often very difficult and time consuming, so I would not be supprised if the rights to the network have been protected against adhoc individual changes, especially for a fixed-price contract.

Best way to learn how things work and are setup, is to find out when an engineer is due on site and see if you can side-line him for a chat (no point trying the help line or support desk :-).
Experimenting on a live network is not recommended.

  rbrtsmrvll6 10:38 22 Mar 2006

The network was originally set up by Edinburgh's own engineers about 1998 but it has since been outsourced to BT.

I'll have an attempt at following your earlier advice tomorrow but won't make any changes that I have doubts about resetting. Of course I might not be able to make any changes to a protected system. The passwords that I use might not allow me to go that far.

You are probably correct. My best course might be to find a friendly engineer.

  Danoh 11:06 22 Mar 2006

Yes, your network profile (Userid, password) would explain why you do not have the option to add a network printer.

  rbrtsmrvll6 15:38 29 Mar 2006

Thanks for all the help Danoh. I carefully followed your advice yesterday and then ventured down the TCP/IP road and after a couple of short reversals when I got "trying to print test page" messages and no printouts I suddenly saw the magic test page full of numbers. I then created a restore point and threw out a couple of printer icons that I had created before and tried another test page.

All was well. Thanks again.

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