finding plugins

  xml 18:43 03 Apr 2006

When web pages show boxes to click to install plugins, the Plugin Finder Service just runs and runs... nothing loaded. This means timetables etc cannot be read.Where does fault lie ?
Thansk in anticip.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:23 08 Apr 2006


  ICF 08:27 08 Apr 2006

Give an examle of the site

  xml 19:39 13 Apr 2006

Happens in all sites which require a plugin.I believe it is searching for a `Plugin Directory` which it obviously cannot find. This means that the information cannot be brought forward. Have tried looking for directory elsewhere eg in Win XP CD but no luck.

  VoG II 19:42 13 Apr 2006

Is this in Internet Explorer?

Please give an example of a website where this happens.

  xml 19:07 18 Apr 2006

When a box appears on a web page(using either IE or Mozilla browser)stating `click to download plugin`to proceed,the `search for plugin`box appears. It then continues to run without result. Sometimes I`m told the `plugin directory cannot be found`. In any case info cannot be got without the download required.
I have many plugins associated with specific programs: it`s only with plugins required by web pages that the problem occurs.
Is there/should there be a `plugin directory`? Using search doesn`t find it on H/Ds or on Windows CD etc.
Your interest appreciated.

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