Finding password

  User-E577C2B7-30BA-4DC0-8BABC76A252E9E06 18:09 26 Jan 2003

H, im a bit worried about the amount of time my daughter spends chatting etc etc. I've tried to find her password (i know you should'nt be nosey) by opening the back up file in her name but its all gobbldey gook!!! Any way of finding out password without up-setting the apple cart. Thanx

  seedie 18:15 26 Jan 2003

Search google for HomeKeyLogger.


  Antz 18:17 26 Jan 2003

My daughter is a bit young for chatting yet but I have taken an interest in MSN 8 because it gives a lot of content control by the parents for children, ( on the face of it ). Check it out, The problem is the £5/month pricetag. As for obtaining passwords, I have never tried it but I would say it is nearly impossible unless you're better than average at P.C's.Try checking the history in Internet Explorer to see what the surfing habits are, You maybe able to see what chat sites she is visiting before she logs in with her password.

  seedie 18:38 26 Jan 2003

tread gently. If you're caught she'll hate you for it.


  Sparks 18:42 26 Jan 2003

This site may be what your looking forclick here

  « Ravin » 18:51 26 Jan 2003

how about just sitting down and talking to her rather than going behind her back? i'm not trying to tell you how to be a parent or anything just a suggestion...

Thanx all for your help. Did'nt know these sites existed!! Mind you must agree with you Ravin., might be the best policy. Thanx...

  JoeC 20:13 26 Jan 2003

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