Finding out the Video Adapter

  bilgehan 15:31 04 Mar 2003

My host father has given his very old computer to me. After I have installed Window98 or ME I couldn't find out its video adapter brand. It is very old Cyrix computer with onboard Video adapter and sound card. I suppose the brand of video adapter is SIS but I don't know which model. Nothing mentioned at the bios or somewhere else. Is there a way that i can find out the brand and download the driver? Thanx in advance..

  Johny C 15:40 04 Mar 2003

You can download a program called sisoft Sandra, this will tell you about whtas inside you system.

  Johny C 15:41 04 Mar 2003

If you follow this link on this site you can download a free version

click here

  bilgehan 15:47 06 Mar 2003

Thanks for your reply..
I've tried that program but it couldn't help me. It said Standart VGA adapter which windows installed at the installation.

  powerless 15:49 06 Mar 2003
  Stuartli 15:57 06 Mar 2003

It probably uses some of the RAM (perhaps one or two MB) for the video.

Have you installed 98 or ME? It must be one or t'other!

  Stuartli 19:52 06 Mar 2003

Managed to get on site at last...:-)

Windows will install a standard VGA driver when first installed - it's so you can use the monitor before installing drivers etc for hardware!

It would appear that, as I presumed earlier, your system may be using RAM for the video adapter. If you still have the original monitor, then it probably won't be worth upgrading to a proper graphics card as it won't support high resolution and refresh rates.

If you go to Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information, you will be able to find out exactly what is installed on your system, including hardware, software, drivers etc.

No real need for Belarc and similar programs - it's already built-in to Windows and in far greater detail.

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