finding free jazz downloads

  gudda96 18:24 03 Feb 2007

Can anyone recommend a good, free, simple, fast prog for some free downloads.

I am looking for some moody jazz instrimentals to burn to cd.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:28 03 Feb 2007

click here for lots of jazz

  Miros 18:36 03 Feb 2007

You can create your own 'Radio station' with this. click here . You will need to register and choose what kind of music you want, You will need a USA zip code, just use 00000. Enjoy.

  pj123 18:45 03 Feb 2007

Give this one a try. I like it.

click here

  gudda96 18:46 03 Feb 2007

Diodorus Siculus

With you suggesting it, I know it must be safe and free of adware? I also assume its free, is there a way of previewing any tracks before downloading. I will check it out now, just thought I might save myself some time and aggro, thank you.


Will take a look also, thanks

  gudda96 19:02 03 Feb 2007


Wow..that is a comprehensive list about jazz but I tried to d/load a couple to try but the format is ram which WMP does not recognise, any advice.

Also, I am guessing most of it is trad jazz which I do like but I am at this moment looking for something like Chris Botti and such like which just play unobtrusively in the background

  Diodorus Siculus 19:10 03 Feb 2007

ram: - install RealAlternative click here

I use the site occasionally if I want to try something new; as with all registration, I use a free email address from Hotmail.

  pj123 19:11 03 Feb 2007

You probably need to install Real Alternative.

Although I use JetAudio from:

click here

A long time ago, when I was young I used to play clarinet in a jazz band.

No, if you click on "Bands" you will get everything from Swing to Trad.

  alB 19:21 03 Feb 2007

Some you might like here... click here& ...alB

  gudda96 19:21 03 Feb 2007

Diodorus Siculus
Whether I download Real Alternative or JetAudio, can I keep WMP as my default player.


I like clarinet/saxaphone intrumentals, both have nice moody signs. My brother used to have a jazz club in Manchester and I worked there every Sat and met most of the trad bands like Kenny Ball, Acker, Melly, Dutch Swing College, Alex Welsh and many others, happy days in the 60's

  Miros 19:24 03 Feb 2007

Just put Chris Botti in my Pandora Radio Staion, hadn't a clue who or what he was, now listening to him! great, thanks gudda96.

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