Finding duplicates in excel

  Templar1961 12:40 29 Aug 2007

I have an address book in excel listing fax numbers. How can I easily find duplicated numbers (possibly listed under different names)?

  recap 12:46 29 Aug 2007

Go to Edit/Find enter the data and select Find All, is one way

  Templar1961 12:55 29 Aug 2007

Go to Edit/Find enter the data and select Find All, is one way

Doing that would mean going thru' every record individually?

I want to search a few hundred records at once.

  recap 12:59 29 Aug 2007

Try, Data/Filter/Advanced Filter

  VoG II 12:59 29 Aug 2007

Select the column of fax numbers (I'm assuming in Column A). Format > Conditional Formatting. Select Formula Is and use the formula


then set a format and OK your way out. Duplicates will now be formatted as you set.

  Chris the Ancient 16:28 29 Aug 2007

Temporarily sort your address book by fax number, you can quickly spot duplicate numbers.

To do this...

Highlight the complete data range. Select Data menu, then sort by the column that has the fax numbers in. When done resort by the original order used.

I once had to do that on a list of over 1000 telephone contact numbers.

But I DO like VoG™'s solution!

  Templar1961 17:36 29 Aug 2007

Thanks VoG™! That was the answer I was looking for. I had to change the formula to =COUNTIF(G:G,G1)>1 as the fax numbers were in Column G but that was no problem. I found quite a lot of duplicated numbers under different names.

Cheers to Chris the Ancient. I had thought of sorting by fax number, but thought there must be a better way. In fact it might have been easier that way, but I enjoyed VoG™'s solution!

Thanks everyone for your responses.

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