Finding and delting duplicate files in windows

  byrdman 14:07 05 Jul 2006

Hi there, ive presently got thousands of mp3 files on various hard drived and external disks.. When i try and import them to music players duplicates always appear, which is really annoying for playback and is also taking up lots of disk space. I have at least 7000 duplicate songs

I was wondering if there was a program or system i could use to merge all these files and delete the duplicates. I know in itunes you can get it to show you duplicates but you have to delete them one by one which is too time consuming and i dont think it deletes the file itself, only its place on the library.

So yeah i guess im looking for a program that would do all that for me.

I hope this makes sense

Thank you so much for your help


  Terry Brown 14:33 05 Jul 2006

Try Itunes (Apple software), it is a free music player and will sort out and (if you ask it) remove duplicates. you can also print out lists of music.
The only problem is, if you import from CD, it converts to it's own system not MP3, but any music already on your system will not be changed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:32 05 Jul 2006

DupeLocator (85K) click here Finds duplicated files by comparing bytes, ignoring names and dates.

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