Find striped raid0 after clean install xp on c

  natsdad 10:47 11 Jul 2008

I have the main drive with windows installed. Then 2 smaller disks striped as secondary for video work.
I needed a clean install of xp pro on the C drive so I disconnected the raid disks before reinstalling windows.
Having done that I reconnected the 2 drives in the same order as before but now cannot see the raid for the 2 smaller drives in My Computer. I still have data on them. Does anyone know if I can get the raid working again.
Any help would be gratefully recieved.

  Ditch999 12:50 11 Jul 2008

Have you loaded the drivers back on to Windows for the Raid controller?
Is the Raid controller showing up in Device Manager?
I take it you did not disable Raid in the BIOS or mess with the boot order.

  natsdad 14:38 11 Jul 2008

Thanks for your reply. I'm away from the pc for a while so cannot check the Device Manager. Im not aware of doing anything drastic with the boot order. The only change was hd to cd when installing windows. I changed that back straight afterward. I installed nvidia drivers. I think those include raid drivers.

  Ditch999 15:28 11 Jul 2008

The nvidia drivers might only be the motherboard drivers and not the Raid drivers as well.
It should show up in Device Manager if Raid is there and if it has a driver installed.

  natsdad 17:06 11 Jul 2008

The Device Manager shows NVIDIA ata raid class controller.
When I boot up a red error message shows briefly. It refers to a 78gb raid so it must be seeing something

  Ditch999 19:54 11 Jul 2008

Is it 2 40gb drives that make the Raid array? If so then that would be the 78gb drive it mentions.
There is usually a facility during boot that you can enter the Raid setup utility and check the array.
At what stage does the red error message appear?
What is your mobo make/model?

  Ditch999 11:06 12 Jul 2008

Usually hitting a key (mine is F10) during boot up gets you into the raid setup in the bios. This will tell you the state of your array.

  natsdad 11:50 12 Jul 2008

Thanks for your continuing help

The red error appesrs at the opening screen after mem count.

My motherboard is K8N Neo MS 7030 aTX
Processor AMD Athlon

I can get into the usual Bios using the del key but i'm not sure about the raid setup.

  natsdad 12:09 12 Jul 2008

I just tried f10

Boot N/A - Status Error - Array Stripe 76.57G

Does this help at all

  Ditch999 12:37 12 Jul 2008

You would have been better leaving the Raid disks plugged in when reinstalling Windows, even though it is supposed to work as you did it.

Do you have a back up of the data on the Raid array? It has become unreadable and you may have to rebuild it.
Are there any repair options listed in your Nvidia RAID utility?

  natsdad 13:03 12 Jul 2008

Unfortunately I did not backup. Usuall do!
Options are
B Set Boot
N New array

Next screen Array 1 only shows Master 38.28gb

It has option Rebuild but it appears greyed out

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