Find & replace — for an entire website?

  Senile Syd 15:07 25 Mar 2005

Is it possible to write a 'find & replace' instruction to make an identical substitution on every page of a website?

Some time ago, excessive amounts of spam forced me to change the e-mail address which I had helpfully/naively/stupidly put on each page of the website in a 'mailto' link. Not knowing of any other way to fix things (I still don't, hence this post) I flogged my way through all 300+ pages, manually substituting a different (and 'munged') address for the former plain-language one, and also e-mailed everyone in my Address Book to tell them of the new address. The whole exercise was a chore I am not anxious to repeat — although it paid off, and I remained totally spam-free for just over a year.

Recently, however, I've started to get spam once again. It all arrives at the address that I munged so carefully (not carefully enough perhaps?) and it all appears to have been written by a succession of people with improbable surnames, a cheap translation dictionary apiece, and no knowledge of the English language whatever.

Please don't misunderstand me. I mean it's very nice of Ranald Sdryt to send me an e-mail about something unspecified which is "Low worth but widely alternative. Can be trusted about your wellness" and I'm certain that Paddy Pscup has my best interests at heart when he/she writes: "Sole our firm may propose you different software just at a small damage." But while I don't wish to appear ungrateful, I truly believe that my quality of life would not suffer greatly if I were never to hear from any of these people again.

Trouble is, I don't know how to shut them up. The sender's name, IP, domain, etc. are different each time, and I've no idea how to devise a filter capable of hitting a continually moving target. So it seems to me that another new e-mail address is required, but I don't relish the prospect of repeating my earlier chore, especially as my website now has 556 HTML files. Could anyone please advise?

And while we're about it, would anyone care to hazard a guess as to why these particular spammers do it? What's in it for these pests? Are there really punters around who are thick enough to send them money?

Cheers. TIA

  Senile Syd 22:39 25 Mar 2005

... it's me age y'know.

Thanks, fourm member. That's an idea worth keeping in mind.


  Pesala 00:20 26 Mar 2005

Which program are you using? In NetObjects Fusion, there is a link manager available on the Assets Page. If you have used the same link on every page, you can go to the link manager and modify the link, which will automatically be updated on every page that you have used it.

  Senile Syd 12:01 26 Mar 2005

Thanks. That may be just what I need. I'll have a look at it.

My website click here is done in 'raw' HTML by the way, because (a) I wanted to find out how the code works, and (b) I'd read horror stories about WYSIWYG being bloatware — or is that only the MS variety? I use Stone's Webwriter for editing (or plain old Notepad for simple things such as correcting typos) and have found it excellent; it's freeware and entirely free from pop-ups.

Thanks again


  PurplePenny 13:01 26 Mar 2005

Might I recommend HTML-Kit (free for personal use)?

click here

It makes editing "raw" HTML a tad easier, it includes a basic FTP facility and has oodles of plugins for CSS, JavaScript (and much more) should you decide to go a step further.

It also has "Find and replace". You have to have the pages open on the screen so you'd still have to open all 300+ pages but then it would do the trawling for you.

  Senile Syd 13:24 26 Mar 2005

...I'll tick the box and get stuck into all that food for thought.


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