Find and Install MS ACCESS 97

  Peter Cox 11:34 24 Sep 2008

I am running on Office 2003 but need to install ACCESS 97 in order to work on a database for a friend who is stuck on Office 97.

Any ideas where I can find a safe copy? I've tried googling but not seen anything I can trust.

I'm assuming that it is ok to install ACCESS 97 on the same machine as ACCESS 2003 ... or do you know better ?



  PO79 12:26 24 Sep 2008

What about the converters click here will they help.

  interzone55 12:51 24 Sep 2008

The trouble with converting a database is that it's a one way street, once converted to 2003 format there's no going back.

If you're brave you could follow the instructions on the MS page click here

  Sea Urchin 13:06 24 Sep 2008

It is theoretically possible to "convert to prior version" but it's not at all reliable, so best not to try.

Peter - there are versions of Office 97 available from Amazon for example, but you'd probably have to pay £25 or so. Just a thought - couldn't your friend lend you the disk?

  Peter Cox 13:53 24 Sep 2008

Thank you so far. Conversion is not a practicable option. The friend works on a corporate system which is not due a tech refresh until next year. I built it originally on that system but no longer work there and need to develop the db further on my own machine.

I'll try Amazon for a copy - thanks.

Does anyone know of any potential conflicts, having 97 and 2003 sitting on the same machine ?



  Sea Urchin 14:46 24 Sep 2008

Shouldn't be a problem having both.

  Peter Cox 16:06 24 Sep 2008


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