Find an alternative to Outlook Express

  xania 14:07 25 Aug 2009

I currently use OE6 for my emails but the loss of a decent spell checker was the death knell for me. I want to change. I could go to Outlook (I've got Offioce 2007), but that's too combersome. Can anyone recommend an alternative, where I can also import my existing (massive) email archive and address book, with the capability of placing emails and address book on the D:\ drive rather than defauilting to the C:\ drive (don't mond where the program goes altohugh prefer on the F:\ drive).

  GaT7 14:11 25 Aug 2009

Have you tried Thunderbird click here? Made my Mozilla btw, who make Firefox.

British dictionary add-on if required click here. G

  oldbeefer2 14:22 25 Aug 2009

I'm surprised that you consider Outlook 'cumbersome' - always seems very user friendly to me.

  xania 15:48 25 Aug 2009

Crossbow7 Thanks, I'll give it a try.

oldbeefer2 I don't need all the facilities, and what happens when I decide to dump MS Office?

  oldbeefer2 17:31 25 Aug 2009

Fair enough!

  GaT7 17:40 25 Aug 2009

"oldbeefer2 I don't need all the facilities, and what happens when I decide to dump MS Office?"

I thought one could install Outlook as a standalone - no? G

  DieSse 19:16 25 Aug 2009

Thunderbird is really excellent - I've been using it for several years.

  Stuartli 19:25 25 Aug 2009

Outlook is more of a business e-mail client than Outlook Express - surprised you aren't happy with OE.

I used to use Thunderbird, but went back to OE as it's easier to configure overall.

  Stuartli 19:28 25 Aug 2009

Re OE6 spell checker - this is based on the one in your DTP or other Office programs; presumably you have Word, Excel or PowerPoint?

  xania 19:53 25 Aug 2009

Stuartli - no, somehow or another, MS manged to corrupt the OE spell checker and now all you get is French words. I think it occurred when I installed Office 2007.

  Quiet Life 16:21 26 Aug 2009

This maybe of some help. There is nothing quite like OE. I cannot understand why MS dumped itas it is not possible to configure their later offerings in quite the way I had OE. Thunderbird is the nearest but still not OE.

It seems to be the issue you have

If you install Office 2007, spell checking in Outlook Express may not work as expected, unless you want spell check in French. This is because Office 2007 uses new proofing tools and OE can't use them because it's designed to use the older tools.

It's easy to fix: install just the proofing tools from your previous version of Office (using the custom install option). You can get them from any older Office suite or application - including FrontPage, Publisher or standalone versions of Word, Excel, or Outlook.

To install just the proofing tools from Office 2003, run Office setup and choose the custom option. Uncheck all programs in the list and add a check to choose the options at the bottom of the programs list. No the nest screen, set each top level item to be Not Available (red X icon). Expand the Office Shared Features branch and locate Proofing tools in the list. Expand proofing tools and choose English, setting it to Run from my computer. Finish the installation.

Once installed, restart OE - go to Tools, Options and verify Spelling is configured to use the correct English dictionary.

Proofing Tools, Part 2 for potential problems.

Some workarounds run afoul of the law of unintended consequences.

Yesterday's tip about installing the proofing tools is one of those workarounds - after you install the proofing tools from an earlier version of Office then try to install an add-in under the Genuine Advantage program, the proofing tools may cause the add-in installation to fail because it's not activated. If it's a must-have add-in, either install the proofing tools from Office 2000 (no activation required), a 3rd party spell check program or uninstall the proofing tools, install the add-in then reinstall the proofing tools.

While it's annoying (ok, it sucks!), many users may never have a problem, as they won't install add-ins. For example, I've been using Office 2003's proofing tools in OE for several months, but only discovered these issues week, after I got a new laptop for Christmas and tried to install the calendar printing assistant
Tip 376: OL2007: Calendar Printing Assistant (click here) to check for a problem a user reported.

Also note that if you install the proofing tools after installing Office 2007, you should run Office diagnostics, just to be safe. I ran into 2 minor issues if the Office 2007 install is not repaired: the Start menu icon does not work as expected and templates may not open if you double click on them in Windows Explorer. There may be more...

Windows update will probably want to install updates for the older version of Office. These can safely be refused since you only have the proofing tools installed, but the update service doesn't know this; like Genuine Advantage, it only knows you have something from that version installed.

At some point in the future, Microsoft may or may not release a standalone installation of the proofing tools to fix this issue, until then, there are a number of 3rd party spelling tools available, such as OE2.1 Spell checker |MG| Spell Checker for OE 2.1 (click here) if you don't want the hassle.

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