Financial Programs ?

  russmini 18:03 05 May 2005

Ok so i think i'd better start keeping an eye on my finances a little better !

What programs do you guys use ?

Free or Paid for ?

All opinions took on board

Oh, and even better if i could sync up to Dell PDA. But not overly important.


  wiz-king 19:00 05 May 2005

if you want it simple write an Excel spreadsheet, for the really simply version just 5 columns -

'date' / 'to/from' / 'in' / 'out' / 'balance' put a formula in the balance column that adds 'in' and subtracts 'out' to the cell above to give a new balance then copy it to the next 100 cells down.

  russmini 22:00 05 May 2005

Yeh, did think about doing that actually cause PDA has pocket excel on, so thought it might be nice and simple to sync together as well, but just getting ideas from you guys & gals on here, with what you may use.


  russmini 07:59 06 May 2005

^^ bump ^^

  handful 08:08 06 May 2005

Have used MS Money since around 1996 in various forms.(Generally update every 2/3 years) Currently use 2004 version and I think it does a very good job and is very easy to use. Lots of features that I don't use but I couldn't manage without it now. I would be even more overdrawn than I am now ;0)

  Kate B 15:32 06 May 2005

A biased recommendation, since it's written by my Dad, but a couple of other members have tried it: click here It's free to download and to use its basic functions, if you want anything fancier, such as foreign currency accounts, you'll need to pay a subscription.

He's a former accountant and old-skool software developer, and that's reflected in the app, but many people are big fans. Give it a whirl!

  mahalo 15:42 06 May 2005

might try that, thanks

  Belatucadrus 15:54 06 May 2005
  russmini 18:58 06 May 2005

Kate B,

Have downloaded and will have a go on it later.



I'll give it a try if i do not like other one, cause its a bit big aint it


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