Finally, I got a new CPU Fan, but...

  X™ 12:28 01 Sep 2006

I went yesterday to PC World, and tryed to get a CPU fan, couldn't find one for my CPU, so I got one, that can cool an AMD FX. Now my proccessor is 2100+, and obviously it didn't fit, I fitted it custom, by changing a couple of things. But, then for some reason, it still wouldn't cool! I think possibly I need new Thermal paste, so anyway, I made some custom case fittings, and now have two fans aon the CPU, work fine, around 50-53c, cool. But, I realised, I put the fans on upside down, now the air is blowing at the heatsink, and the hot air is rushing out the sides, causing cold air to direct on the bottom of the H/S at the CPU, then it gets pulled out by a case fan, so, is it better? Or should I turn the fans back round? I din't know really. I will if need it'll be better, but I can't be bothered (only cause I've spend hours on it!), doing it for tests.

  SANTOS7 12:36 01 Sep 2006

I always thought a fan was designed to BLOW cold air
rather than SUCK hot air, if you have put the fan on upsidedown the sensible and obvious thing to do is put it on the right way up.
The whole idea is to cool your components down, this will make them run better and prolong their life..

  ed-0 12:47 01 Sep 2006

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  keef66 13:40 01 Sep 2006

that's the right way round. Fan blowing air downwards through the heatsink fins and out at the sides.

If you reverse the fans it won't cool nearly as well.

  DieSse 15:02 01 Sep 2006

CPU fans are a bad thing to economise on and/or fit incorrectly. And yes, you do need to use thermal paste, and clean the old stuff off first.

Look here and treat yourself to a decent heatsink/fan. click here

I use a Thermaright heat sink, and a slow 92mm fan. The heatsink was so good, that even when the fan failed recently, the CPU stayed well within temperature on the hottest summer days. OK, so it's only a P4 2.4GHZ Northwood, but it still says an awful lot for the efficiency of the heatsink.

Current room temp 29.4º - CPU 40º

  DieSse 15:04 01 Sep 2006

PS - the sites that test heatsinks often test with fans both ways round - the results are normally pretty much the same for modern heat-pipe based 'sinks.

  Diemmess 16:30 01 Sep 2006

...... did you connect the fan motors round the wrong way?
Fan motors mostly have an irreversible plug which will only connect the correct way, but some don't or if you have changed the wiring...

They mostly have blades shaped like an aerofoil and the leading edge (the thick end of the convex side) should lead.

I'm with DieSse, but make sure the heat sink is really clear of fluff and well seated down, with an absolute minimum of fresh thermal paste.

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