Finally binned NIS2005!!

  seventiesdolly 12:21 22 May 2006

Well, I finally did the dirty deed! After gleaning this forum for info and advice I ditched NIS2005, as my subscription was up anyhow, in favour of Avast and Zone Alarm. I must admit, I was dreading the Norton uninstall as i'd read horror stories, but I used the Norton Removal Tool, and it uninstalled with no hitches whatsoever. So far, the other two seem compatible (fingers crossed), but how do I know Avast is working? It just sits there in my tray looking..well..all blue and round really! Is it 'real-time' protection? (excuse my ignorance on this).

  Stuartli 12:32 22 May 2006

Avast! will let you know if you get any untoward visitors by emitting a readily recognisable alter tone, similar to that of a fire warning...:-)

Just hit the Delete button on the panel.

It also provides verbal and written information about new definition updates.

  seventiesdolly 12:50 22 May 2006

Well, i've just had my happy bubble burst. After months of deciding which antivirus to go for, and the most popular choice seeming to be Avast, i've just read this report on antivirus programmes and am now contemplating changing for another....

click here

  seventiesdolly 12:51 22 May 2006
  €dstowe 14:18 22 May 2006

I've used AVG for many years without any problems. I have the paid for version on my studio machines and AVG free on my home computers.

Always remember that the test reports use "worst scenario" conditions when testing any product and it is unlikely that the average user will meet anything like as bad a virus invasion as the test programs are subjected to. (If, by chance you do have such an invasion then perhaps it may be wise to reconsider your surfing habits).

  Stuartli 14:23 22 May 2006

I've used both AVG and (currently) Avast! and find that both perform equally competently.

As €dstowe observes, if you are being inundated.....:-)

  Belatucadrus 14:28 22 May 2006

We saw it click here and generally decided that years of problem free use, plus ICSA certification and good 100% pass figures at Virus bulletin outweighed one bad review in a mag.
Computer Shopper also persist in fielding the ancient chestnut "we'd rather pay for protection rather than compromise with this free package." avast! is a commercial paid for package that offers its free version only to non profit home users, so this comment is completely redundant. What compromises there are in the free version, come in loss of fairly useless advanced control features that only inveterate tweakers will ever need. The protection is the same as in the pro version.

  seventiesdolly 15:06 22 May 2006

Thanks. My surfing 'habits' consist of emailing my sister and dealing with ebay, so i'm not expecting to be 'inundated', but as my pc security has been compromised before, I wanted to make sure I was putting something half decent on it...

  961 18:30 22 May 2006

I've been with Avast for a couple of years without trouble.

Reading this thread and the review at Computer Shopper I decided to try one of the 5 starred programmes.

Uninstalled Avast

Downloaded new programme trial


Connect to internet

Blue screen of death

Undo the whole performance, back to Avast.


Try again

Same result

Final observation.. Back to Avast free version

All working fine.

If it ain't broke........

  john-232317 18:32 22 May 2006

I have used AVG free since it started, its excellent.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:08 22 May 2006

I use AVG on our pcs at home, and found that my son had installed Avast on his pc, which was running alongside AVG. While I was working on the machine, AVG picked up a trojan trying to install, but not a whisper from Avast. I don't know if without AVG Avast would have detected it (it just didn't get the chance) or it missed it.

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