Finalize a CD ?

  Magik ®© 12:06 03 Feb 2005

hi,I have put loads of images on a cd by drag and drop, got a new dvd player which says it can show jpeg files, so i gave it a try, and what comes up on the screen , nothing......

my first thought's were, it is not finalized, but i can find no way of doing it, i used adaptec roxio to make the cd... anyone any idea how to get it to work..


  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:43 03 Feb 2005

I had a Samsung DVD player (for a short period of about 18 days before it decided not to play anything whatsoever and got returned for full refund).

Anyway the player instruction manual said whilst it could view JPEG's etc this would only work if file size and file names met certain criteria e.g. < x kb, less than 8 charachter in file name etc etc ..

Now have Panasonic DVD player and it works a treat on most JPEGs whatever size. Only a few images does it have a problem with and normally this is the larger kb files.

  Stuartli 12:44 03 Feb 2005

I use Nero and CD-R disks in multisession mode.

These can be used to download items such as utilities, updates etc whilst the multisession mode is still being used.

Each disk is Finalised just before the last addition in multisession mode; how this compares with Roxio I'm not sure but, no doubt, the program's Help files will provide an answer.

  Magik ®© 12:55 03 Feb 2005

thank you both, I also have nero, so i will make a new disk and see what happens....

  pj123 12:59 03 Feb 2005

If you used "drag & drop" that implies to me that you are using CDRW disks. Most DVD players can't "see" CDRWs.

You would need to use a CDR disk and make a VCD.

If you are trying to play it on a TV via a domestic DVD player you may also need to use a slideshow programme.

  Stuartli 13:38 03 Feb 2005

I use drag and drop to compile multisession disks - you have to do so to add a file or files to the Folder (name) you give to each CD-R multisession compilation.

  pj123 14:23 03 Feb 2005

Stuartli, understand. But I class drag and drop as using Windows Explorer (or in my case Powerdesk) to drag and drop as if it was a floppy disk. I use Nero and the operative word is "Add". OK so you still "drag and drop" the files but it isn't the same as if it was a formatted disk, which was what I was trying to point out. Don't know whether that works the same with Roxio.

  Stuartli 15:00 03 Feb 2005

The main problem with CD-RWs is that they have only a fraction of the reflectivity levels of a CD-R, hence are harder to read for many drives.

Although I have some of these disks I've never used one, apart from the time I first got a rewriter about three years ago - they were great to practice on until it became second nature to burn disks in various ways and methods.

  Stuartli 15:02 03 Feb 2005

Just a small point - burning programs don't usually like competing with each other...:-)

  Magik ®© 15:13 03 Feb 2005

it's odd you should say that, because nero has a thing called "incd" but when i tried to install it, it said, I had to take out roxio first..

we live and learn..

  pj123 15:11 04 Feb 2005

Magik ®©, yes. Nero InCD and Roxio DirectCD do not live happily together. You have to have one or the other.

Unfortunately, InCD 4 has a problem and will occasionally crash your computer.

I now do not use InCD (do not format CD/RWs) I just use them as multisession disks (same as if they were CDRs.)

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