Finalising DVD -R , RWs

  carlos 11:03 27 Aug 2003

Got a DVD-RW. It says I have to finalise a disc to be able to read on other DVD players. Once I've finalised a DVD-RW disc, can I later wipe and re-use? Also, if I finalise say, 1Gb, on a 4.7GbDVD-R and RW can I then, like on CD R/RWs, add further files( multisession)? Be very grateful for any advice.

  BigMoFoT 11:15 27 Aug 2003

With DVD-RW you can wipe clean the disk afterwards but not sure if you can add further files to it. In terms of closing the disk it is usually a default setting of the software - so if you let us know which software you are using then we can help u a bit more.

  carlos 11:53 27 Aug 2003

It's a stand-alone DVD RW( Panasonic, from Dixons). Just states that to read DVD Rs and RWs, of say a film from TV,they have to be finalised- press the button, basically. I was wondering if I finalised a DVDr, for eg, and it had only used 1Gb, could I then add further recordings so not wasting the space left. I will check manual, I just assumed it would be basically an external DVD- RW rather than unique to Panasonic.I havn't yet played with it or any other DVD R/RW

  BigMoFoT 12:00 27 Aug 2003

Not with a DVD-R mate - it works on the same principle as a standard cd-r, as soon as you write to it you can't use it again, even if you don't finalise it (which I would always recommend)

  Q-Bie 12:02 27 Aug 2003

Finalising the disc creates the table of contents that normal drives need to be able to read them.

So if you finalise a ±R disc then you can't add any more sessions to it.

With an ±RW disc you can finalise it, so you can't add anymore data, but you can still wipe the entire disc clean and star from scratch again if you want.

I don't know why you say, if you finalise a CDR/RW that you can add more sessions, you can't. You have to leave a multi-session CD open in order to add more sessions to it. Once you finalise the disc thats it (At least thats been my experience for the last 4 years!)

  carlos 12:11 27 Aug 2003

OK, If I don't finalise I can add more data to DVD but...I can't read it unless I finalise. You're right Qbie, obviously, I forgot, thanks. Bigmofot, one can read a multi session CD without having to finalise it. I do this, adding more data until full...or am I talking nonsense?
Quite possible, lol. I don't do it very often.

  Worm of Doom 12:35 27 Aug 2003

I don't know if this is entirely relevant to your question, but I got this extract from an article at click here which may be helpful:

"If you want to partially record a DVD-R(W) disc and use it immediately, but also want to be able to record more data later, border zones are used, which are meant to make this partially recorded disc compatible with standard DVD-ROM players. So every -R(W) recording session has to start with a border-in area (except the first one, which starts with the lead-in) and stop with a border-out area.

However, the size of these border zones is quite amazing : 32 to 96 MB for the first zone, then 6 to 18 MB for the next ones. This means that a disc containing 3 recorded sessions can require up to 132 MB (more than 2% of the complete storage capacity) just for separating these regions."

So what this seems to say is that as long as you don't finalise the disc, but do finalise the last session, you should be able to read the video in all of the sessions up to that point. However, you can see that creating each session boundary can take up lots of space, so it might be a good idea not to finalise sessions too often!

  carlos 14:11 27 Aug 2003

Not all words of doom! Will check out. Thank you all for your time and advice

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