The Final Version... 11:52 06 May 2007

I've finally created a version of my site thats is on a 24/7 server which has changed since last time (very dramatically). A few points
1)The contact form does work despite the writing on the contact page.
2)I don't own click here, but it is once again owned by a friend.
3) The address of the site is click here


  Eric10 14:25 06 May 2007

A few careless spelling problems I'm afraid. It's 'south' not 'sotuh', 'development' not devlopment' 'usable' rather than 'usuable' and England should always have a capital letter.
You also claim validation for all your sites but your own site fails W3C and CSS validation. Run it through click here and click here to see what I mean. The stylesheet problems are just typing errors: in the h1 definition 'text=align:' in place of 'text-align:' and in fieldset you have 'backfround' instead of 'background'.

A more serious problem is that in IE6 and IE7 if you hover over the logo or the 'Jump to Content', 'about' or 'blog' links the footer jumps up the page and then if you hover over the 'work' or 'contact' links or the block of 5 links just below this the footer jumps back to the bottom. Firefox renders it ok.

  SANTOS7 20:38 06 May 2007

I have to say it all looks a bit NAFF, i am not a web builder or a professional critic, BUT if i where looking for someone to design a website for me your advert falls very short of what i would expect.
You are up against a mass of competition
click here

the link is a typical example chosen at random and is the sort of thing you are up against.
Sorry my comments are so negative, the building blocks are there but i think you have a long way to go...

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