Final polish on Excel project

  xania 09:31 17 Feb 2009

I have completed a new Excel project and am now about to go live. I want to make this version as user friendly as possible and, at the same time, hide as much as possible of the Excel facilities to stop perople for meddling. I've managed to hide all worksheet tabs, column and row headings and scroll bars for this project, but would also like to hide the formula bar, ribbon, menu bar or at least the developer tab just for this worksbook. My problem is that I can only find ways to hide the formula bar and developer tab for all workbooks. Is there any way of doing this just for the one workbook?

In fact, I would also have liked to get Macros automatically enabled for just this workbook, but I suspect that this is a bridge too far - unless you know better?

  Picklefactory 09:44 17 Feb 2009

Application.DisplayFullScreen = True
ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False
Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False
Application.DisplayScrollBars = False

You should be able to place them in a Workbook_Open sub

Don't know about the macro enable I'm afraid.

  VoG II 09:58 17 Feb 2009

You can't enable macros programatically for good reason. However you can render your workbook pretty unusable if macros are disabled. See Erik's suggestions click here

  xania 11:35 17 Feb 2009

Thanks Picklefactory, I'll try these.

VOG - as I thought, but you have given me an idea. I'll simply put up a message reminding them they have to enable macros in the opening screen.

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