Final CSS Question - White Space at bottom?

  gplatt2000 18:52 05 Nov 2006

Hi all

This is now my third topic regarding a site I'm working on, click here

I've had a few problems as this is my first time using CSS properly, but thanks to everyone's great help I've nearly got everythign sorted.

The last niggling problem is that, as you can tell, there's a huge white space at the bottom of all the pages. I can;t seem to find what's causing this (and to be honest, don;t reeally know exactly what to look for!) I've not defined heigh/min-height for anything so can't blame it on that.

Please take a look and see if you can suggest anything.

Thanks a lot once again everyone, hugely appreciated!


  Ade_1 20:58 05 Nov 2006

I may be completely off the mark, however could it possibily be that there is padding causing this? I havnt had time to view your stylsheet but just a thought.


  Eric10 16:39 06 Nov 2006

I've been playing with your home page for a while now and so far as I can see the problem is caused because you have loaded the boxes in the lower right quarter of the page before you have added the various elements to the lower left. This means that you have had to use some large negative values to force the left content up onto the page and this has left the white space at the bottom.
I've taken the liberty of downloading your page and the associated files and have done some rewriting. This is a screenshot of the resulting page in IE 7 click here and this is the page in Firefox click here.

This has needed several changes to the page and the stylesheets so would be very difficult to list in the forum but if you are interested you can email me via the envelope and I will send you the modified files in a zip.
If you do implement any of the changes then other forum members will be able to see the modifications on your link.

  gplatt2000 21:14 06 Nov 2006

Eric, thank you so much, that looks perfect now. I think I understand what you mean, I didn;t realise the ordering would have such an impact (once everything's repositioned, if you get what I mean)

Anyway, I've sent you an email, so thank again.



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