film on pc takes up too much room

  b_cos_1_can 22:05 17 Mar 2007

i downloaded 2 films onto my pc and it took ages, its now using 702mb and 767mb. how do i make them smaller so i can put them onto a dvd disk? is it really simple enough for a novice to do with a bit of patience? i have something on my pc called dvdshrink, but cant figure out how to use it! do i need it? please help?

  Peter 22:25 17 Mar 2007


I think single layer DVDs can hold 4.7GB of data so you should be able to copy the two film files to the DVD with space to spare.


  b_cos_1_can 09:20 18 Mar 2007

does it make a difference which format they are saved in? not that i know what it is? and how do i go about freeing up alot more space on my c drive?

  kindly 11:07 18 Mar 2007

you have, they are most likely in the "avi" format allready. This can be played on the computer but not as such on a dvd player. They would need to be converted to dvd files for that.
If you have "nero" then it can be done within the program.

  b_cos_1_can 20:12 18 Mar 2007

i dont know how to tell if they are avi or not. and i do have nero, but i can only do cds with it, cant figure n e thing else out.

  moorie- 20:28 18 Mar 2007

to identify the file, right click on it, select properties ,check file type
once you know,someone will be able to recommend suitable program.

  irishrapter 22:52 18 Mar 2007

If you want to play them in a standard DVD player then you will need to convert them.
click here and look for a program called "ConvertXtoDVD".

You should be able to fit both movies on to one DVD, can not say what the quality would be like.

700mb is about the average size for a divx / xvid movie.
A DVD movie is about 4.4GB to 9GB.

  TonyM 08:44 19 Mar 2007

.avi files converted to DVD will increase in size - you will probably find that a 700Mb .avi will just about fill a DVD

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