Film clips and PowerPoint

  InCog 17:36 19 Jul 2003

I finally mastered the art of getting music to accompany a sequence of PowerPoint slides - it took an afternoon of trial and error but I got there.

My next classroom project is to incorporate some film footage into another history presentation. Is it possible to extract a sequence of a couple of minutes from my computer's DVD drive using XP Professional software and then insert into a presentation? How do I set about it if the film material is on a video cassette?

  Jimma 18:07 19 Jul 2003

What you need to capture your video to MPEG is a TV Card like this one:

click here

Play your video/DVD as you would on a normal TV using an RF lead (but connected and tuned to your TV card) and record it using the software provided with said TV card.

I find it the easiest way by far to capture video.

Don't forget the copyright rules and regs!

Hope this helps.

  InCog 18:28 19 Jul 2003

1. What's an RF cable?
2. Once I've installed the TV card, do I connect it to the TV via this cable and then store the DVD/video sequence on my hard drive? Is this it?

  Jimma 18:39 19 Jul 2003


RF = Radio Frequency or the standard cable that connects between your VCR (video cassette recorder) and TV (television) NOT a SCART (Syndicat francais des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radio et Television) lead.
Just connect your VCR to your PC via the TV card and tune it in, then use your PC as a TV/VCR combo and 'capture' your required clip.

Let me know how you get on


  InCog 18:46 19 Jul 2003

RF cable - then - is the traditional round ended one; male at one end and female at the other? Would you recommend the card on your link? Once I get back from holiday, I'll get down to it.
Thanks - you've been a great help.

  Jimma 18:52 19 Jul 2003

Yeah, the traditional male/female cable.

I use an ATI Wonder VE card, about the same price, don't know much about this particular one, just added the link so you get an idea of what to look for.

Most TV cards around this price range are prob good enough to enable good quality capture.
Unless you going to get into serious video editing you shouldn't need any more than that.

Happy capturing!

  InCog 20:25 19 Jul 2003


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