Filling in onscreen forms

  Pineman100 11:24 26 Nov 2009

My wife is secretary for a large society. She is trying to convert the society as much as possible to exchanging information by email, rather than the confetti of notes and paperwork that have been used up to now.

In order to do this, she needs to find some software that will make the following possible:-

1. A form is created, for each member to fill in. The form must allow boxes to be filled in with narrative, but must NOT allow any other editing and changes.

2. The form is circulated to everyone. They must of course have the relevant software on their computers - hence we're looking for a free download (or see my note below about Word).

3. Each person can then fill in the form, and email it back to my wife.

We've tried using Word for this (not free of course, but virtually everyone has it), but the problem is that you only have to click outside a box, overflow the size of box, or a hundred other potential errors, and the form gets screwed up. Because many of the members are elderly, this throws them into confusion.

Can anyone help, please? We either need special (free) software to achieve the above, or maybe you can recommend some way that Word will do the job without getting screwed up?

Any and all ideas will be much appreciated.

  Technotiger 11:34 26 Nov 2009

This is not exactly what you are asking, (though you could could end up with such a form, if followed) but I thought this Tutorial might come in handy ...

  Abel 12:04 26 Nov 2009

Technotiger, what Tutorial?


  Pineman100 17:29 26 Nov 2009

Maybe there's a link missing?

  Technotiger 17:43 26 Nov 2009

Must have been one of those 'senior moments' ...
but as I said probably not exactly what you want anyway!

click here

  Pineman100 18:58 26 Nov 2009

'senior moments'

I tend to have 'senior hours'!!

Thanks for the tutorial. It's pretty technical stuff, so I'll have to try and understand it before I can fathom whether it's what I'm looking for!

Many thanks for responding.

  reply4reply 20:06 26 Nov 2009

I think this is what you need.
you email them a link to it, or it can be done from their email account, they reply to you the form many ways to do it. or from your site

they must have internet connection, otherwise if they are in your office they dont need internet they just use your computers to do it.

its free, easy to make, spend few days and play with it.

click here

  Pineman100 09:54 27 Nov 2009

Thanks very much for that. The only problem I can see (at first glance - haven't studied it in detail yet) is that the society hasn't got a website. And this service seems to offer "forms for your website".

However, as you suggest, I'll have a play around with it and see.

  Pineman100 18:19 28 Nov 2009

In case it's of interest to anyone else, here's where I've got to on this matter.

I was speaking to a neighbour, the other day, and by coincidence he has been researching exactly the same problem with on-screen forms.

He has found a free package called Nuance PDF Reader, which will currently enable him to create onscreen forms that can be emailed to people who can fill in the form. Its one drawback is that, once the form has been filled in, it can only be printed out - not saved.

However, he understands that Nuance are currently solving this problem, and that a new version will be published in about a month which incorporates a save feature.

So I think my best plan is to wait a month and see how this shapes up.

Meanwhile, many thanks to everyone for your ideas and suggestions. Much appreciated.

  Procrastinus 09:41 29 Nov 2009

You could always save the form by using freeware like MWSnap click here

  Pineman100 09:23 30 Nov 2009

Many thanks for that, 608. I'll have a look at it.

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